Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes: Nancy Pelosi Makes Insane Ship Crashing Comment For Democrats Just Days Before Midterms

NY Post

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Nobody ever said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a way with words. Her latest comments are being dubbed her “basket of deplorables moment.” 

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In a recent interview with The New York Times, the California Democrat representative did her best to alienate half the country for their political beliefs. 

She simply cannot fathom how “anybody” would vote for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. 

“Part of it is, I cannot believe anybody would vote for these people,” Pelosi said. She went on to knock the Republicans’ campaign strategy as “endless lying and endless money.” 

Pelosi also said she found it hard to believe that Republicans could actually win. 

After all, Republicans want to preserve life in the womb, end drag queen story hour for children in schools, stop the mutilation of children, stop the endless spending to get a hold on inflation, and uphold the First and Second Amendments. 

Who in their right mind would vote for these people? How can they possibly win? 

Some would say that Pelosi is in denial. She rejects the premise that Americans are concerned about rising crime and inflation. Her solution is to “change that subject.” 

Maybe if we don’t talk about it, it’ll go away. It’s not really happening anyway, right? 

We are all well aware of how much the things that we need every day like food and groceries cost. We notice an increase in the price of goods and services every time we go to the store or need something repaired.

According to a new Harvard-Harris survey, Americans believe that the Democrats are focused on things that are not top priorities for a majority of their constituents. 

They are focused on January 6th, a woman’s right to choose, and climate change. When you have to choose between eating and heating your home, those three things are not on your mind. 

Climate change concerns trump the urgency to fix the country’s energy issues. These climate change alarmists caused the energy crisis in the first place and Americans are paying for it. 

In her appearance on Face the Nation on CBS on Sunday, the speaker was asked, “But, on things like sending you know, those $1,400 checks, putting cash out there. I mean, didn’t that end up contributing to inflation? Do you have any regrets about the bills you passed and how you structured them?”

Pelosi said, “No, absolutely not. Because this- that was necessary for people to survive. Our purpose–

Margaret Brennan interrupted saying, “The risk though, was that it was inflationary.” 

Pelosi wasn’t having it. Her response was, “But the point is, is that, when you reduce unemployment, it’s inflationary. That is a fact.” 

Pelosi also rejects the New York Times poll about the issues concerning Americans. She said that “women’s fears about their independence” were still very much a problem.

Let’s let them run with that for the midterms and see how well they do. Maybe when Nancy loses her job as Speaker of the House, she’ll realize what’s important to Americans. 

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