Planned Parenthood Tweets in Support of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend as They Lose Their Child to a Miscarriage

Planned Parenthood, the organization widely known as an abortion provider, has come out in support of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend after she had a miscarriage. This is devastating news and anybody with a heart hurts hearing such news. What is confusing is this raises the question about what does Planned Parenthood believe determines if a baby is human? See their tweet below.

Is It Only a Human Because They Wanted the Baby?

Miscarriages are hard because the parents of the child truly wanted to bring that baby into the world but due to unforeseen circumstances, that baby dies. This is what occurred in this case and I send my condolences to the mother and father of the baby. The question that I want to raise from this situation is why doesn’t planned parenthood tweet out that they are sorry to abort hundreds of thousands of babies every year? In what way is a miscarried baby who died, more devastating than an aborted baby? Is the difference simply that in one situation the baby was wanted and in the other situation the baby was not? Seems pretty cruel to believe such a thing. Planned Parenthood tweeting this out really puts them in a bad spot logically because you can’t really justify killing millions of babies while at the same time feeling sad about 1 miscarried baby, the logic simply doesn’t add up.

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