Pelosi to Capitol Police “Arrest maskless visitors and staffers”

Just a day after referring to Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as “a moron” for protesting her mask mandate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now passing an order for Capitol Police
to arrest any visitor and/or Congressional staffer

In Pelosi’s new order “§ 22–3302. Unlawful entry on property.”

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Any person who, without lawful authority, shall enter, or attempt to enter, any public building, or other property, or part of such building, or other property, against the will of the lawful occupant or of the person lawfully in charge thereof or his or her agent, or being therein or thereon, without lawful authority to remain therein or thereon shall refuse to quit the same on the demand of the lawful occupant, or of the person lawfully in charge thereof or his or her agent, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor…

This rule however does not apply to anyone in the ruling class and Capitol Police cannot arrest sitting members of congress if they fail to follow Pelosi’s mask mandate rules.

Republican Representative Chip Roy (R, TX-21) blasted Pelosi and House Democrats for supporting this order

Rep. Roy even called to adjourn in protest of this rule: “If we’re going to arrest our staff, I make a motion to adjourn.” The motion failed

Later on Rep. Chip Roy and about 50 other members of congress assembled on the Senate floor to protest this new rule\

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