Parents call for San Francisco teacher to resign after making controversial tweet about Asian-Americans

A growing list of San Francisco parents and officials are calling on school board
member to resign over resurfaced-tweets claiming Asian-Americans use “White
Supremacist thinking to get ahead.”

Alison Collins, SF School Board Vice President, has been no stranger to the
contentious world Twitter politics. Back in 2016, she sternly criticized the
Asian-American community for anti-black racism. Collins, African-American herself,
described that many Asian teachers and students “won’t engage in critical race convos
unless they see how they are impacted by white supremacy.” She went on to remark
that “model minority BS” is promoted by Asian-Americans using “White Supremacist
thinking to assimilate and get ahead.”

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In her most controversial tweet, she referred to Asians hesitant to speak out against
Trump as ‘house-[N-word]” — “Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump?
[…] Do they think they won’t be deported? profiled? beaten? Being a house [N-word] is
still being a [N-word]. You’re still considered ‘the help.’”

Amidst recent surge violence against Asians, these heated Tweets have prompted
many to call for Collins’ resignation. San Francisco Mayor London Breed called for her
to resign and released the statement, “Labeling our diverse API communities with such hateful language is racist and wrong. It is time to call out racism in our own City. Her
words dehumanize Asians. As an elected official, she must be held accountable for her
actions.” Former San Francisco Supervisor Norman Yee said, “this is terrible, this is not
acceptable to me.” Saturday, March 20,Yee published a letter calling on Collins’ to
resign — it has since been signed by over 20 California officials.

Alison Collins has since deleted these tweets, and argued some of her tweets were
taken out of context. She did release an apology—“I acknowledge that right now, in this
moment my words taken out of context may be causing more pain to those who are
already suffering […] For the pain my words have caused I am sorry, and I apologize
unreservedly.” In the apology statement, she laid blame on former President Trump,
accusing him of pitting communities against one another for political gain. However, she
has stood by her tweets referring to many Asians as using of white supremacist
thinking. As of yet she has refused to resign.

Many conservative-leaning Americans have been critical of such developments, accusing such reactionary actions of being fueled by “cancel culture.” Additionally, such critics have claimed that holding an individual’s past actions at a modern standard of ethics hinders growth and the ability to change. On the other hand, many left-leaning individuals approve of critiquing an individual for their actions of the past, claiming that ethics should always be viewed through a static lens.



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