Our Liberty is God Given! Rand Paul Speaks Boldly At His Victory Speech.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, gives a victory speech in his run for re-election against Democrat Charles Booker, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, in Bowling Green, Ky. (AP Photo/Michael Clubb)(Michael Clubb / Associated Press)
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Rand Paul is a household name among conservatives. He’s respected and cherished just as much as Ron Desantis and Ted Cruz. And now, he’s catapulting himself to the top of the conservative ranks with his third victory in Kentucky.

With another solid win over the democrat nominee, Charles Booker, Rand Paul has cemented his place in the history books as a tough senator. The U.S. Senate has kept one of its foremost patriotic champions among its members. Thank the heavens!

“In this hour of victory, as a red wave spreads across America, we don’t come together to rejoice in the dissipation of power. We come together to reaffirm our support for the 10th Amendment — that powers not explicitly granted to the federal government are retained by the states and the people,” Paul said.

It’s this type of speech that resonates with true conservatives. We’re not looking for name-calling, rivalry bashing, or a slew of hate speech. We’re looking for the guy who backs up his words with actions, for the patriot who wants to make the right move for the right reasons, not because it gets him more followers or more views.

Rand Paul rightly emphasizes freedom, warns against censorship in victory speech © Provided by Washington Examiner

Rand Paul rightly emphasizes freedom, warns against censorship in victory speech© Provided by Washington Examiner

Rand Paul is likely the most feared senator Dr. Fauci has faced. The disgraced Covid-19 czar has struggled to answer Paul’s questions during recent senate hearings. More than once, Paul has caught Fauci in a bald-faced lie and has even proven, beyond a doubt, that Fauci was complicity involved with the manufacturing origins of the virus.

“It’s not about Fauci going to jail, although that probably would be appropriate,” Paul said. “It’s about finding the truth of the origins of the virus so this doesn’t happen again.”

We need more of this talk in our government. Yes, most patriots would love to see Fauci rotting behind bars, but there are more important things than that, as Paul stated. We want senators like Paul, we need people like him to help keep us focused on the issue at hand and not get swallowed up in the controversy of it.

As our political leaders lose themselves with backbiting, name-calling, and in followers on social media, Rand Paul remains grounded in the cause. He’s demeanor gives us the impression that he’s not only eager to fight for conservative values, but he’s enthusiastic about it.

“We come together under the belief that government is instituted among men and women to preserve our God-given liberty — period! Our desire is not to rule over others but to largely leave people alone. It is this system of constitutional checks on power that has allowed America to become the free-est nation ever known,” Paul said with the perfect amount of boldness and eloquence. “With freedom has come great prosperity. But we do not choose freedom because it makes us rich. We choose freedom because it is part of our very nature.”

Amen to that Senator Paul! Patriots across the continent hear words like this and we immediately form ranks behind this type of leader. What’s more, is that these aren’t just words from a power-hungry politician, you can feel the honesty of Paul’s words. That, combined with his grit and determination has made him a favorite in the conservative crowd.

While most politicians use their victory speech as a time to belittle their competitors or to puff up their own chests, Paul takes us back to what matters most. He speaks of the importance of our liberty and the freedoms our Founding Fathers first instituted for us.

“Liberty, or the absence of government intrusion, should allow people of widely differing beliefs to live together, each according to their own beliefs,” Paul said. “To preserve this liberty, we must especially defend the freedoms our Founding Fathers chose to put first in the Bill of Rights: the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom to associate with whomever you choose.”

Paul’s also not afraid to call out his fellow republicans for their hypocrisy and failure to act. He did so recently when speaking of the debacle around the Disinformation bureau. “The greatest originator of misinformation, the government, cannot be the arbiter of truth,” Paul said. “Both Left and Right need to wake up and acknowledge that government — should never be allowed to create any entity that even resembles a Ministry of Truth.”

He wasn’t quiet about the social media giants and big tech crossing lines and censoring our free speech. “While the First Amendment does not prohibit private censorship, our founders certainly prized free speech,” Paul proclaimed. “One can only imagine our founder’s reaction to see government actively engaged with private enterprise to censor speech. To protect free speech, Congress must, absolutely must, prohibit government’s collusion with Big Tech.”

Rand Paul is a patriot, a true conservative leader. His victory ensures we have the fighter we’re desperate for in congress. Republicans would do well to listen to him and follow in his footsteps.

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