NOW THAT’S A REAL LEADER! McCarthy States He Will Not Act Like Pelosi And Tear Up Joe Biden’s SOTU Speech

Credit: Fox News

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he has no plans to act like Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union address.

McCarthy said he had no plans to tear up President Biden’s SOTU speech, a stunt that Pelosi did at the end of Trump’s final SOTU speech in 2020.

McCarthy tweeted that “a lot of people have been asking” if he would repeat Pelosi’s actions. He said it wouldn’t happen.

“I don’t believe in the theatrics of tearing up speeches,” McCarthy said in a video accompanying his tweet. 

“I respect the other side, I can disagree on policy. But I want to make sure this country is stronger, economically sound, energy independent, secure and accountable.”

Back in 2020, Pelosi said that she ripped up Trump’s speech “because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives,” and said she was “trying to find one page with truth on it” but “couldn’t.”

The Trump administration responded to her actions and noted that the pages she ripped up included references to the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, a service member’s reunion with his family, and other references about Americans that both sides can celebrate.

Vice President Mike Pence said that Trump spent 90 minutes making the speech focus on America, and then in the last moments, Pelosi “tried to make it about her.”

McCarthy almost didn’t win the speakership. A holdout of 20 GOP representatives made sure that their requests were met. They held out until McCarthy agreed to their concessions.

On January 10, more than two-thirds of House Democrats joined with Republicans to create a new House committee to look at the U.S. relationship with China. On January 12, more than half the House Democrats joined the GOP to pass a bill banning the sale of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China.

And in the last few weeks, McCarthy has been calling on President Biden to negotiate with the GOP on how to raise the debt ceiling in a way that cuts back on federal spending before the $31.4 trillion national debt overwhelms America.

“Mr. President, congressional Republicans are ready to act – to save our country and to make America stronger. I hope you will join us,” McCarthy said Monday night in an address to Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

This Monday, McCarthy said it is time for him and Biden to “get to work” on a debt ceiling deal. The request to talk has so far been rejected by The White House.

“Defaulting on our debt is not an option,” McCarthy said. “But neither is a future of higher taxes, higher interest rates, and an economy that doesn’t work for working Americans.”

“A responsible debt limit increase that begins to eliminate wasteful Washington spending and puts us on a path towards a balanced budget is not only the right place to start… It’s the only place to start,” he said.

There has been no deal reached yet between McCarthy and The Biden White House.

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