North Carolina School Faces Backlash After Video Of A Young Girl Being Straddled By A Drag Queen In School’s LGBT Event

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Libs of TikTok strikes again. 

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If you are not familiar with the work of the woman behind the Libs of TikTok account and have kids in public schools, you might want to get on board. 

Chaya Raichik was outed and doxxed by Leftists and called anti-trans and a “covid minimizer” among other things. 

The account features videos posted by libs. She doesn’t doctor them or change them in any way and it drives the libs crazy. 

Libs of TikTok recently posted a video of a drag queen straddling a minor at a school event with the caption, “This is from a drag event in @ForsythTechCC where they also invited younger kids. A parent told me the kid getting the lap dance is a 10th grader.”

On her website, she explained, “The college, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has two high schools on the main campus.

“The Pride Fest was open to all students on campus, including those who were under 18 years old. Fliers for the event were displayed around campus giving details of the festival and the drag performances that would occur.”

The school’s chief officer of student success and strategic innovation, Paula Dibley, confirmed to Fox News Digital that the girl seen in the video is a student of the school.

Dibley also attested to the fact that “parents of children under 18 were not notified of this event in advance” but noted that “all events on campus are entirely voluntary.”

The school’s Pride Club and Prevent Ongoing Spread of STIs Everywhere (POSSE), a program run by the Forsyth County Health Department, hosted the event.

POSSE is reportedly backpedaling on their support of the drag show.

The Forsyth Public Health Director Joshua Swift said, “Our staff is committed to meeting the people we serve where they are. We believe we assign an appropriate amount of attention to the LGBTQIA community around education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.”

“Our staff was aware that there would be drag performances but was not involved with planning the event and had no information regarding the age of the attendees,” Swift continued.

“We spent $58 on supplies from the department’s operational budget which is funded locally and in part by the state of North Carolina. We do not condone the actions that allegedly took place during the event.”

According to an anonymous source speaking to Fox News Digital, an email was sent to all students of the school with information about the event without mentioning the drag show.

The attention this event has received has forced the school to review its policies for events on campus.

“We have been in close contact with our early college school leadership and are talking with both leaders and parents about how we can revise campus policies and procedures regarding early and middle college students’ attendance at campus events,” Dibley said.

The school issued a statement:

“Forsyth Tech is committed to being a place of promise for our students. In order to fulfill that promise, we have clearly spelled out our mission, vision and equity statements,” it read.

There’s that word equity again. Equal outcomes have no place in a school setting and neither do drag shows.

Learning, hard work, and success based on that hard work should be the goal.

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