‘No One Should Be Arrested over a Mask’; GOP Congresswoman Defies Pelosi Ruling

In an act of charming defiance, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), has order has asked her staff to work from home in admirable protest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Orwellian rule that allows for Capitol Police to detain those who choose to exercise their freedom of bodily autonomy by refusing to wear a mask.

In the advent of a Wednesday bulletin signed by Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger giving the police force such authority, Mace tweeted ,”I am directing my Hill staff to work from home today. No one should be arrested over a mask. We should follow the science not Speaker Pelosi.”.

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Rep. Mace also referred to the mandate by Pelosi as an “insane power grab“. She directly address Pelosi in that tweet, stating that, “Madam Speaker, your insane power grab is showing. Today I’m not wearing a mask outside of the chamber b/c I follow science — not Pelosi. Come and get me.”. That same tweet also had footage of Mace sauntering through the halls with out a mask in prod open defiance of Pelosi’s ridiculous mandate. Mace closed out the video stating that, “I’m socially distanced from anybody else,” Mace said. “I’ve had COVID. I’ve had two vaccinations. I’m washing my hands. I’m even wearing my mask inside the (House) chamber. But I’m not going to wear it anywhere else. So Madam Speaker, come and get me.”

This confrontation comes on the heels of a letter sent by Mace and well over 200 other republican representatives back in late May of this year, in which Mace and company urges Pelosi to investigate the “true origins” of COVID-19. The letter states that the origin of the virus, which many believe to be the brain child of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to be “one of the most important ones we currently face.”

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