NEW VIRAL VIDEO: “I Was Voting for Biden but This Changed My Mind to Trump”

A new video on YouTube has now surpassed 2.6 million views. This video is a man standing up for what he knows to be true. Check out this awesome video below and share it to everyone you know who is voting for Biden!

47 Years And What Did Joe Do That Helped Anyone?

Can people point out anything that Joe Biden has done for Americans that has been positive? Joe Biden is a swamp creature and he needs to stay away from our government. There is far too many career politicians in Washington who only care about getting elected. Where is the action from these people and why are we so wiling to put them in higher offices because they are more “qualified?” If Joe Biden is so qualified then why can’t we name anything that he has done for Americans in his 47 years in DC? His entire campaign has been mostly anti-Trump and very little pro-Biden. This is because he knows that President Trump has done more for Americans in 4 years than he has done in 47 years. Drain the swamp and keep the swamp out once they are gone.

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