NEW: Marjorie Taylor Greene says the House Oversight Committee will expose the Biden crimes

credit: The Hill

Marjorie Taylor Greene has undoubtedly been pushing for the impeachment of Joe Biden. She has been calling for Joe Biden to be impeached for many months now. However, Marjorie Taylor Greene would bring up a tweet saying the following:

credit: Marjorie Taylor Greene twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene would mention that Joe Biden is compromised and that America deserves to know the truth. She would also mention that the House Oversight Committee held by James Comer would expose the Biden crimes.

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James Comer has said from whenever they regained the majority they would immediately investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for potential crimes.

3 thoughts on “NEW: Marjorie Taylor Greene says the House Oversight Committee will expose the Biden crimes

  1. I’ll believe it when I see it! Everyone talks big but NOONE will ACTUALLY do ANYTHING about the Biden crime family! They’re like the Borgias, if not worse!

  2. Truthseeker is right. The current Congress will investigate until the next Congress is elected, time will pass, someone else will be President and that will be that, just like Hillary. And Hunter won’t see a day in prison either. Happens all the time.

    1. MTG has just described Donald Trump and the crooked Maggot MAGA Republicans that are in the congress and some that are in the Senate and her lying self. Her and like so many M other Republicans are going down. They are going to try conjure up more fake ass people just like they tried with the election and the the insurrection and yes some of themselves and Trump the truth is is all out and the truth just keeps on coming out and the crooked evil sick fascist Maggot MAGA Republicans. Has my Grandmother always said it’s all coming out in the wash now. You all got caught and you all now are going to get even more radical fascist cold hearted cold blooded and you don’t give a damn who knows it, and none of you give a damn about your own country. You all are traitors to your on country. You all are pathetic and keep on making yourself look more like the devil everyday. You all know without a shadow of a doubt that the majority of us Americans can’t stand you and your crooked low life Maggot MAGA Republicans and the end is near. I can’t wait to see all of you in your new prison attire. The whole world will see it.

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