Nancy Pelosi Mentions the Possibility of Her Becoming Acting President if the Election Outcome is Unyielding of a Result

Speaking to a group of reporters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mentioned the possibility of her becoming acting President if neither Joe Biden or President Trump can win enough electoral votes to make them the clear winner of the 2020 Election. She said she is preparing House Democrats in the possibility that it will be up to them to determine the winner with a vote by each states’ delegates. She also said they are doing everything in their power to get enough House Democrats to be able to do that.

She continued to say that if there isn’t a majority vote for Trump or Biden “then it goes into another range where the speaker become the president. It’s complicated after that.”

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But it’s important to note that the House of Representatives determining the outcome of an election hasn’t happened since the 1870’s, so the chance of it happening, especially in this election where it seems that Americans are convicted with their candidate, is very slim. But, if it were to happen each House state delegation would cast 1 vote, depending on the majority party in each delegation. Pelosi said she wants Democrats to be able to cast at least 26 votes but that is barely a majority rule, and is unlikely seeing how there are 26 Republican controlled states, 22 Democratic controlled states, and 2 tied states in the House of Representatives.

The Senate is then tasked with choosing the vice president and if a 25-25 state vote tie were to happen and the Senate couldn’t agree on a VP, then the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would become acting President. Which comes from the 1947 Presidential Succession Act.

Pelosi said, “We have all sorts of opportunities to take down that one vote.” Speaking to the President she also said, “there ain’t no light at the end of the tunnel for you in the House of Representatives.”

Sources: Washington Examiner, Conservative Brief; Photo-CNBC

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