Nancy Pelosi Directs Americans To Think How Politics Will Influence “Their Life”, Not “Their Religion” Before Voting

NY Post

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The pretend Catholic and former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, joined Joy Reid on her MSNBC show, “The Reid Out” for an interview this week. 

They talked about how former President Trump gets too much attention, Kevin McCarthy’s “ever-shrinking speakership,” and the school shooting in Nashville this week. 

The host then asked Pelosi to offer some words of wisdom to Americans who are sick of the same old nonsense going on in Washington. 

“Give some advice to those who are frustrated by our politics now,” Reid requested of Pelosi.

“Reid asked Pelosi to speak to Americans directly and convince them ‘to vote not on how politics will impact your religion, but how it will impact your life. ‘You’re a religious person,'” Reid said to Pelosi. 

Pelosi decided to share a quote from the nation’s first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy. 

“‘It’s not important what religion I believe in. What’s important is what America I believe in,’” Pelosi said. 

“And that’s what we have to be thinking in terms of taking it to people,” she said. 

Pelosi took the opportunity to disparage former President Trump and his supporters. 

“I do think that many of the people who fell for what’s-his-name’s line, because they just didn’t see a path in the future, in the economy the way it was. 

“I think many of them are really patriotic. I think some of them are racist and bigots, but I think many of them are very patriotic,” she said.

Was that a backhanded compliment? She took a few moments to recognize that not all Trump supporters are racists and bigots. 

Such a uniting message from the “grown-up in the room.” 

The California Democrat then went on to add a dig aimed at Republican members of Congress.

She said that their “political survival is nothing compared to the survival of our children in their schools, in their playgrounds, wherever they happen to be” in reference to the Nashville shooting. 

She implied that Republicans need to abandon their base and get on board with the Democrats’ assault on the 2nd Amendment as a way to save our children. 

It’s not clear how an “assault weapons” ban will keep guns out of the hands of deranged criminals who don’t follow laws, but they persist. 

Most people of faith put God before country and vote accordingly. 

The America they believe in is one where criminals are punished for crimes, children are protected at all costs, and their rights come from God, not the government. That includes the right to self-protection. 

Nancy Pelosi isn’t even allowed to receive Communion in the Catholic Church so many people of faith will pass on taking advice from her. 

According to Archbishop Cordileone, to get back into the good graces of the church, she needs to “renounce her support for abortion and go to confession.”

Many Catholics would applaud Pelosi if she followed her faith and wished for an America where unborn babies were protected in the womb. 

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