‘My Time Is Up: Woke Trevor Noah Delivers Shocking Announcement To Viewers That He Is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ After 7 Years

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Jon Stewart left The Daily Show in 2015. Trevor Noah replaced him. The South African was a mediocre stand-up comedian at best when was cast to fill Stewart’s shoes on the late-night satirical news show. 

When Stewart left the show, it was averaging 2.5 million viewers. Now, as Noah rides off into the sunset to liberal tributes, the show is averaging a mere fraction of those viewers. Even though the show has always been a pro-liberal program, conservatives still liked Stewart. 

Conservatives no longer like the show. The numbers show that liberals do not like the show either. Since the departure of Jay Leno, the late-night talk show progressive liberals have dominated the industry. 

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, and Seth Myers are all openly liberal and aren’t shy about their opinions and views. Noah joined their group with his viewpoint. It wasn’t the only thing he had in common with his fellow hosts. If they were all in one room, there would be nobody laughing. 

Fox recently joined the late-night fights with Greg Gutfeld’s show in the 11 PM time slot. It offers viewers a rare, non-liberal program in the historically progressive genre. Greg Gutfeld’s program quickly became a serious competitor in the late-night world and has crushed “The Daily Show” in viewership.

In 2022, “Gutfeld!” has averaged over two million nightly viewers compared to only 374,000 for “The Daily Show,” a 437% advantage. Greg Gutfeld’s show is now the leading late-night show beating all of his competitors. 

Noah wasn’t mentioning his ratings. The late-night show shared a video preview of that evening’s monologue just an hour before the show was scheduled to air. In the monologue, Noah revealed that he was leaving the show after seven years. He made it seem like it was his decision after a long seven years.

He claimed it was time to leave the show as if his journey was taking him in another direction by his choice. The comedian may be choosing to leave the show on his own. However, there is no doubt he is choosing to before they fired him. 

He failed to mention the decline in people watching his show or liking him. Noah was never likable. He banked on his dislike of President Trump to carry him to success. He failed to realize, except for Gutfeld, all of the late-night hosts hate Trump. 

“The problem with Noah is that he isn’t funny. You’d think humor would’ve been a requirement to host a political satire show. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for Noah,” Outkick’s Bobby Burack wrote. Funny isn’t even on Noah’s radar. He was only condescending towards America. 

Americans across the country have grown tired of the Hollywood elites and their disdain for them. “America doesn’t need or want a lecture on wokeness from anyone, they want humor,” comedian Tim Young said.

The liberals mock middle America. People living in the heartland go to Church, they love family values, guns, law enforcement, and the military. It is everything the coastal elites don’t like and the late-night hosts pander to those elites. 

Rumors are circulating about who is going to replace Trevor Noah. James Corden has announced he is leaving his show when his contract expires next year. There will no doubt be people calling for him to join the show. 

The reality is, it doesn’t matter who replaces Noah. Even if Jon Stewart were to return, people aren’t going to come back in masses. The tide is turning and Hollywood is going to realize where they stand in this nation. 

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