Multiple Teens Arrested After Video Shows Them Savagely Assaulting Three Marines in California Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend


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Three U.S. Marines confronted an unruly group of teenagers in the San Clemente Pier Bowl area of California for acting “belligerent and firing off firecrackers at the beach.” 

One of the members of the group apparently didn’t take too kindly to being told to stop the annoying behavior and hit Hunter Antonino, one of the three victims, in the head from behind.  

The altercation that was caught on video began. Antonino was then attacked from all sides by the mob of teenagers.

According to Antonino, “They were lighting off fireworks, they were being belligerent and obnoxious and annoying other people, so I went up to them and told them to stop.”

“I didn’t know what was going on. I was just trying to go back to the car and then I had turned around … to help them out. And then we’re just all in this circle being stomped on, beat up,” said Antonino.

According to The Blaze reporting:

Video from social media showed one teenager throwing a punch from behind one of the victims and starting the melee. Two of the victims end up in the fetal position on the ground while the teens viciously punch and kick at them.

Following the incident, the sheriff’s department issued a statement on their social media page.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will continue investigating this matter until all individuals responsible are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” read the statement.

“Look, this is San Clemente, Marines are always welcome here, always gonna be celebrated, always be taken care of. And that’s why this is so particularly tragic,” said San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan to KCAL.

Today, it was reported that several of the teens have been arrested in connection with the savage beating.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced that the investigators identified five juveniles, four males and one female, alleged to be involved in the incident.

They have been arrested and booked into Orange County Juvenile Hall.

“They think they have the people they are looking for,” said San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan. “Not to say that there might not be a few others out there. They feel pretty confident that they have the main perpetrators.”

OCSD Sgt. Mike Woodroof told Fox News that anyone, no matter their age, who “kicks another human being in the head to cause damage, internal injury to that magnitude will be arrested for a felony assault deadly weapon.”

“They had some videotape that wasn’t readily available to the public that had a lot better images of the individuals involved,” said Duncan. “In today’s age, you’re going to get caught — people are going to record it.”

Duncan added, “I hope this serves as a learning lesson for young folks in the community not to let themselves get out of control when something like this happens.”

Can we trust a California district attorney to carry through with these charges? Will they send a message to other criminals that this type of behavior is not to be tolerated?

Let’s hope that these three men who served our country will receive the justice they deserve.

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