MSNBC Host Joy Reid Claims That Republican Gov. Greg Abbott And GOP Are Trying To Bring “Lynching Vibe” Back To America To Hurt Political Opponents

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MSNBC host Joy Reid looks at everything through the lens of race. If you criticize anyone with a skin color other than white, you’re a racist and a bigot. 

Army Sergeant Daniel Perry was recently convicted of murder for shooting and killing a black man who was a Black Lives Matter protester in downtown Austin, TX. 

The Austin Police Department concluded at the time of the incident that Perry acted in self-defense as the protester, Garrett Foster, was pointing an AK-47 at him while he and other protesters surrounded Perry’s car in the summer of 2020. 

A George Soros-backed DA in Travis County Texas brought the case to trial contradicting the Austin Police Department’s assessment that it was self-defense. 

“Self-defense is a God-given right, not a crime. Unfortunately, the Soros-backed DA in Travis County cares more about the radical agenda of dangerous Antifa and BLM mobs than justice,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement to Fox News Digital following the verdict. 

Over the weekend, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he plans to pardon Perry raising the ire of Joy Reid. 

The governor tweeted, “I am working as swiftly as Texas law allows regarding the pardon of Sgt. Perry.”

She said, “You have Republicans in multiple states, including Florida, passing and pushing laws that will allow people to hit Black Lives Matter protesters or any protesters they like with their cars. This was after the Charlottesville murder by car of a white woman who was a Black Lives Matter protester.”

“They have seemed to have gotten back into lynching, hanging, all sorts of other Draconian 19th-century fare. What is going on with Republicans that they seem to be bringing back the lynching vibe?” Reid continued.

Reid was speaking with MSNBC senior political strategist Matthew Dowd who responded with the predictable take that if Perry was black, Abbott would never pardon him.

Dowd also called the possible pardon an attack on democracy because it’s an attack on the jury that found Perry guilty. He said it takes away the citizens’ power to hold someone accountable.

“This is another attack on our democracy … This is an attack of a jury, which is in our Constitution in the Seventh Amendment – the right to a jury trial – that basically takes the power of citizens away to hold anybody accountable,” Dowd said.

Reid then claimed, “Fascism has many features. And one of them is this sort of lust to be able to harm or kill your political opponents. And it feels like across the board on the right, there is this kind of sort of lust for that, right? For we need to be able to not let our political opponents vote, but also to hurt them or worse.”

Every move the Republicans make is framed as a threat to democracy, fascism, or racism by people like Joy Reid, her colleagues at MSNBC, and other mainstream news outlets.

When you point a firearm at someone, shouldn’t you be prepared for what might follow? Was Perry in fear for his life at that moment? Most people would have been.

Was the charge against this Army soldier justified? A lot of questions point to an unjust justice system. That should scare every single American.

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