Miami Biden Parade had About 15 People, Stark Contrast from the 30,000 Trump Had the Day Before

Today in Miami there was a Biden car parade to show support for the former Vice President in the upcoming election. Several videos and photos show that the turnout was largely underwhelming. About a dozen cars had Biden posters and flags but the day before thousands and thousands of cars were decked out with Trump gear.

The Latinos for Trump parade in Miami, Florida

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This Trump parade was in Lexington, Kentucky

And this one in Oakland Park, Kansas

Polls to predict the upcoming election keep saying that Biden is in the lead, but if this rally and many others like it from around the country prove anything, it’s that Americans are in store for a landslide victory this November to reelect the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Biden hasn’t been hitting the campaign trail very much lately, he seldom makes more than two appearances each day and since Harris was announced as his running mate she’s hardly been seen either. Meanwhile, despite battling the coronavirus, President Trump has been hard at work for reelection and to keep the American people winning.

This election could very well be the most important one America has ever had, especially in recent history. The outcome of this election will determine whether this country heads toward a future of freedom or a future of socialistic bondage. It’s time to vote and make our voices heard! Trump 2020!

Check out this video of the Biden parade below!

Source: Twitter; Photo-MSN

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