Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland Warns of “White Supremacist” Violence After the Election, Ignoring the Months-long Destruction from ANTIFA

Ted Wheeler is the Democratic mayor Portland, Oregon that has been taken over by violent, far-left, radical rioters the last several months. He’s warning residents that there may be a surge of “white supremacist” violence in the streets following the election. He blames it on “divisive rhetoric” coming from Washington D.C.

He tweeted in support, sort of, of the local police and their efforts to ensure safety for the city on and around Election Day. He continued in other tweet that he is mostly concerned of violence to come from white supremacist groups and said that Oregon is likely to be hit hard by violence in the coming days. He’s right with that seeing as how for nearly a third of the year Portland endured night after night of protests and riots.

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Over 1000 arrests followed the unrest that took over Portland for over five months. There was intense property damage in most of the city and raging wildfires as well. Mayor Wheeler failed to mention the threat of radical BLM and ANTIFA activists, who is mostly to blame for the destruction that took over his city.

Many conservatives fired back at Wheeler for ignoring the real threat at hand. While white supremacists groups are a problem and may be a problem during election week, the radical far-left is proving to be far more likely.

Andy Ngo is a reporter based in Portland and he said, “Who was responsible for the march of destruction on MLK Blvd on Saturday night? That group went over to Vancouver, Wash. to do the same to businesses there. They chanted ‘Black lives matter.'”

Travis Wester tweeted, “How absolutely disconnected from reality does one need to be to believe that ‘white nationalists’ are responsible for any of the riots in Portland? Or that the ‘decisive rhetoric’ is coming out of the mouths of anyone but Democrats? Truly incredible levels of derangement there.”

Talking about businesses boarding up their storefronts and spray painting and posting signs that say “Black Lives Matter”, Candace Owens told Tucker Carlson, “Now why would a business owner feel the need to spray paint on their own business boarded up, ‘We support Black Lives matter?’ Because they’re hoping that they send that message. They know exactly who’s going to attack them. They know it’s not Trump supporters. They know it’s the left. It’s the radical left.”

Sources: The Blaze, Washington Examiner; Photo-OBP

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