Matt Gaetz BLASTS Congress For Pushing To Continue The Afghan War!


Florida Republican Congressman Rep. Matt Gaetz on Thursday called out his fellow lawmakers for pushing American troops to stay in Afghanistan.

In his self-published podcast, Firebrand with Matt Gaetz, the congressman said, “Biden is right to get the hell out. The American people were lied to for decades by warmongers in both political parties, you were lied to, endlessly. By Generals acting like politicians and politicians parading around like tough Generals. Real toughness is standing up to the military industrial complex.”

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The Biden Administration has claimed to end the American insurgency in Afghanistan by the end of August. This year will be the 20th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks that lead to the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan.

Originally, America entered Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from protecting Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. After accomplishing that mission, the infamous “military industrial complex” made US Military start a new “nation-building” exercise with new objectives like building a democratic government and training the Afghan military to take care of this new democratic government institution which made the Taliban regroup and shift it’s objective to protesting take over by The U.S. and it’s allied troops.

Rep. Gaetz pointed out that The United States has spent “enormous blood and treasure — $2 trillion and 2,442 American lives” attempting to transform Afghanistan, and build a “New Democratic Nation”

“This is what failure looks like. The Afghan government we propped up were never going to fight and win, adjusted for inflation, the United States spent more money on nation building efforts in Afghanistan than it did with the Marshall plan, which revived Europe after World War II. Would this have occurred if our leaders weren’t such liars and crooks?”
The congressman said in his podcast. “The losers of this 20 year effort, clearly the United States government and the Afghanistan democracy hypothesis. The winners? The Taliban and the United States military industrial complex. Whether we’re winning or losing, their stock goes up as long as we are fighting and bleeding and dying. The American era of regime change stupidity needs to be over.” He added

What do you make of Rep. Matt Gaetz’s comments and attacking “Warmongers” politicians and his colleagues? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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