MASSIVE WIN FOR REPUBLICANS: Greg Gutfeld Receives Amazing News After His Show Launches To The Top Of The TV Rating Charts

Over the course of the last several years, colleges’ political agenda of brainwashing students to believe in a distorted reality of the history of our country has come to light.

Instead of teaching students valuable information pertaining to their major, and giving them the tools and experience to succeed in the real world, teachers have been indoctrinating students into hating our country and the values in which we believe.

This isn’t anything new, this is something that is decades in the making and now plagues education levels ranging from kindergarten to college, however, it has only recently become a public issue as the left no longer tries to hide their school agenda.

This leads to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld blasting colleges for their crazy radical agenda. More specifically, he exposes the wild hypocrisy of a recent story that happened on a college campus that is so stupid, it’s hard to believe this is the world we live in.

According to Fox:

All right, so here’s this stupid, infuriating, idiotic story, which can only mean it bubbled up from academia. It happened at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning, where a female student was allegedly sexually assaulted during school hours. 

Now, that’s bad enough, but it gets worse. Students, understandably horrified, demanded increased security on campus. And one anonymous student created a petition that garnered 6000 signatures asking for more security cameras and more stringent ID access passes. 

The university quickly responded with an email from the Vice Chancellor of Public Safety and Emergency Management. Remember the old rule?

The longer the title, the less they actually do. In the email, the VC promised they would be taking additional actions, and that would include increasing patrols and security shifts, meaning more cops. 

Can you guess what happened next? Hint it always happens when common sense runs headfirst into the witless woke. Stupid, destructive outrage.

See, the woke are like that drunken moron speeding southbound down a northbound highway, eventually causing destruction of someone else who was doing the right thing.

And so a backlash came from students who claimed the increasing police presence would threaten the safety of students of color. As opposed to, you know, wanna be rapists.

You know, I didn’t realize Pit was a school for the mentally challenged. What did these students have to do to get admitted? Sketch a turtle or a pirate? I tried that. 

So after a sexual assault, some students were more concerned over the presence of police than the presence of a rapist. Of course, this is what happens when the media distorts the odds of police shootings. College kids prefer rapists.

Classrooms aren’t safe during school, and cops are as popular as a fart in a hot tub. And I know that, done a lot of research in that area.

Which reminds us college campuses are not just gun free zones, they’re also brain free zones. So here you got a microcosm of what you’re seeing now in every city.

Microcosm means a small sample of a bigger problem like Joy Behar’s small toe. That’s pretty good. Yes. Could use a laugh. She never fails. 

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