Massive Win For Free Speech, New Twitter Boss Elon Musk Ends Twitter Ban On Pro-Trump Roger Stone & Laura Loomer

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Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, is passing out get-out-of-Twitter-jail-free cards.

Following the reinstatement of former President Trump’s account, Musk is ending the bans on other accounts by the formerly anti-free speech brigade. 

Laura Loomer’s ban came more than four years ago and was followed by bans from several other organizations. 

In a celebratory tweet, Loomer wrote:

“After getting BANNED on Twitter in 2018, and being digitally exterminated on nearly every other social media site, payment processor, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, & my own bank, I’M BACK!!!!! 

@ElonMusk has finally unchained me from the doors of Twitter HQ! Thank you, Elon! #LOOMERED”

She added a link to a video with the caption: “On Sept. 5, 2018, I disrupted a Congressional hearing where former Twitter CEO & founder @jack Dorsey was testifying. I was “auctioned off” & escorted out of the hearing by Capitol Police at the request of Republicans on the committee. I’ve been Vindicated. @elonmusk.

“You know what’s hilarious about re-watching this video 4 years later? Everything I said turned out to be true.

“I’ve been 100% vindicated and I got my Twitter back. 

“My RICO lawsuit against Twitter & Facebook is proceeding.”

Loomer, who has been called a far-right activist and conspiracy theorist by the Left, ran for Congress in 2020 in Florida’s 21st Congressional District and then again in 2022 in Florida’s 11th Congressional District. 

She won the primary in 2020 but was unsuccessful in beating the incumbent in the general election. Loomer lost the primary last August in her most current attempt to run for Congress. 

Loomer was one of a few congressional candidates blocked from having a Twitter account. This is another example of Twitter interfering in elections. 

Twitter is a tool and a method to get the word out to the public. When one candidate has access to a giant social media platform and the other is blocked, that’s clearly interference. 

Loomer’s longtime ally and friend, Roger Stone had his Twitter account reinstated as well by Elon Musk. 

Stone’s reaction came in a tweet saying, “I have just been informed that my personal Twitter account has been reinstated. Will talk about it today at 5PM EST.”


“Thanks again to @ElonMusk for his commitment to fairness and free speech.

“It appears that my friend @LauraLoomer is back on Twitter.

“Over 50k subscribers in the last 7 hours.”

In a later tweet, Stone said, “I am gratified for the reinstatement of my account on Twitter and am grateful to @ElonMusk for his commitment to fairness and free speech.”

Kudos to Elon Musk! Josh Holmes of the “Ruthless Podcast” has described Musk’s purchase of Twitter as one of the most patriotic things a billionaire has ever done. 

The far-left publication Media Matters sees it differently calling it “The GOP’s corrupt bargain with Elon Musk.” 

Because of their concerns about the Musk takeover, Media Matters and other organizations paused their advertising and then claimed that was an infringement on their right to free speech. Really?! 

Hopefully, Twitter will be a place where both sides have equal footing and a place for productive dialogue about the issues facing us all. 

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