Massive Win For Fox News Host Dan Bongino As The Network Announces He Is Dominating In The Ratings Compared To Woke Companies

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

The headline reads “Saturday, Jan.14 Scoreboard: Dan Bongino Is Most Watched in Primetime.”

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If you’re not familiar with podcaster, radio show host, and Fox News host, Dan Bongino, you should get on board. 

Bongino is a former officer with the NYPD and a former Secret Service agent. He is a true patriot, a devout Catholic, and a family man, and he stands up for his beliefs. 

He doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk. Rather than merely calling out leftist policies that are taking over everything from our banks to our schools, he’s building a parallel economy and social media platforms that share conservative values. 

He is a partner in the YouTube alternative called Rumble. He launched a payment processing alternative to Stripe as well. He supports America-first companies and highlights them on his podcast. 

In addition to closing in on 2.6 million subscribers on Rumble and sitting in the top five on the podcast chart, Bongino learned that his Fox News show, Unfiltered, is the most-watched show in primetime. 

According to the latest report from Ad Week, Bongino’s show last Saturday night was the most-watched primetime show in all of cable news.

“At 9:59 p.m. ET, Bongino racked up 1.19 million viewers. Bongino received 1.19 Million viewers total in ET’s 9 p.m. CNN reached 219,000 viewers while MSNBC reached 315,000 viewers in the same slot. The 8 p.m. Fox News host Brian Kilmeade drew 1.06 million viewers in the 8 p.m. ET slot. CNN has 28,000 viewers, while MSNBC is at 282,000.”

This is great news for Bongino and his team. While the other news networks are hemorrhaging viewers, he is hitting his highest ratings. You may wonder why. 

Bongino uses reliable sources and backs up anything he says with receipts. If he’s speculating in some cases, he says so. 

This week on his podcast, Bongino discussed the case of the classified documents surrounding President Biden. He offered his theories as to why this scandal is not being suppressed by the mainstream media. 

“Was this a sabotage hit job by Democrats who want Joe Biden out of the race? Which is likely. Or was this an effort to cover up mistakes Joe Biden made that maybe illegal, unlawful and illicit?

Just quickly on the first one. You don’t find it a little bit suspicious that lawyers deeply connected to Barack Obama, who’s got a long going feud with Biden – they do – I worked in the White House, these two men not really do not like each other. Obama always thought Biden was a buffoon and Biden was always jealous of Obama. That’s why he’s [Biden] doing the whole “I’m the new FDR” thing now. He is a cancer on the coming presidential race, Biden, there’s very little chance against any competent candidate he’s gonna win,” Bongino said.

He continued to wonder out loud about how odd it is that people connected to Obama all of the sudden “found” these documents and didn’t try to hide them or burn them. 

Bongino asks if there is a bigger story here. Anyone paying attention wonders the same. 

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