Massive Win For Arkansas Schools As Sarah Huckabee Sanders Hires DeSantis’ Education Official To ‘Transform’ Their Education

Credits: Steven Ferdman, FL Department of Education

An Arkansas State Senator stated that former GOP spokesperson and governor-elect Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a ‘home run hire’ while choosing Jacob Oliva, a senior chancellor at the Florida Department of Education, to perform as secretary of the Arkansas Department of Education and upgrade the Arkansas education system. 

While announcing her pick, Sanders acknowledged the leadership of the Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. DeSantis did an incredible job with the implementation of Covid-19 regulations and also put forward a conservative bill for parental rights laws. 

Jacob Oliva also played an important part in executing the immensely successful educational program of GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis. Sanders stated that she will also request an appeal to the State Board of Education to designate Oliva as the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Oliva has been working as the senior chancellor at Florida’s Department of Education since 2017. He was in charge of school safety, school choice, early learning, and public schools.

“He is a leader who has proven himself in the fight to empower parents and implement bold education reforms under Governor [DeSantis] and we are ready to transform Arkansas education,” Sanders stated in a tweet.

Sarah stated: “I am proud to announce that Jacob Oliva will be my nominee for Secretary of @ArkansasEd. He is a leader who has proven himself in the fight to empower parents and implement bold education reforms under Governor @RonDeSantisFL and we are ready to transform Arkansas education.”

“For the last five years, Senior Chancellor Oliva has been a dedicated member of the Florida Department of Education’s leadership team, including serving as interim education commissioner, and his work has helped launch Florida as the Education State.”

Ben Gilmore, State Senator stated:

”Sarah Huckabee Sanders continues to deliver for Arkansas. Jacob Oliva is a home run hire for Arkansas, our schools, and most importantly our students & families.”

Brit McKenzie, Representative-Elect stated:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has outperformed once again. 

“Nominating Jacob Oliva is a clear sign that Arkansas is primed for reform-minded policies that place Educational Freedom back at the forefront. Excited to work with Secretary Oliva this next General Assembly.”

Sanders selected a veteran with over 26 years of experience in the State Police, Capt. Mike Hagar, as her candidate for secretary of public safety. Sanders announced Kristi Putman as the state’s new Department of Human Services secretary and the previous Entergy Arkansas CEO Hugh McDonald as the Department of Commerce secretary.

Oliva has an immense experience in the field of education and has fulfilled his responsibilities to the best of his abilities. His role under Gov. DeSantis has been praised by many conservatives. 

Sanders is hoping that Oliva will be replicating the educational policies of Florida in Arkansas as well. 

Sanders’ selection shows that she cares about her state deeply as this is what the GOP stands for, a better life for Americans.

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