Massive Win: ‘America First Legal’ Files Lawsuit Against Biden’s HHS To Fight Back Against The World Health Organization

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America First Legal (AFL) was founded by “America First” patriots in an effort to save America from the radical leftist agenda. 

In the mission statement, the organization spells out its belief that our government should put our needs, interests, and our country first! 

AFL is carrying out its mission by serving as outside counsel to the state of Texas and in conjunction with the state of Oklahoma in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Secretary Xavier Becerra. 

According to the AFL website, the lawsuit was filed “to prevent the relinquishing of American sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO).”

Last May, America First Legal “released a primer on the Biden Administration’s globalist plan to surrender sovereignty to the corrupt WHO.

AFL also launched two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) investigations into the Biden Administration’s obsession with transferring American sovereignty over public health policy to an unaccountable foreign body.”

Once word got out about this transfer of sovereignty to the WHO, “a coalition of states filed a petition for rulemaking with HHS, asking for the deletion of problematic regulatory provisions–that were discretely slipped into the Code of Federal Regulations during the final days of the Obama Administration–that unlawfully delegated the authority to invoke health emergency powers solely based on decisions by the WHO.”

The petition was filed in July and the Biden Administration denied the petition last October, a big roadblock to keeping our public health policy in our own country. 

Stephen Miller, former senior advisor for policy in the Trump administration, is a co-founder and president of AFL. He issued a statement on the lawsuit against HHS and Secretary Becerra. 

He said, “America First Legal continues to lead the way in the battle for American sovereignty, against the globalist elite trying to suffocate our sacred freedoms.

The last several years have been a horrifying tutorial of how U.S. global elites working in concert are prepared to use the pretext of a healthcare emergency to impose draconian and totalitarian controls over the lives of our people – that is what this historic lawsuit is all about. 

We are proud and honored to represent the great state of Texas and to work with courageous patriot Attorney General Ken Paxton in filing this lawsuit against Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services for unlawfully relinquishing America’s national sovereignty to the World Health Organization and empowering corrupt foreign governments and bureaucrats to make life and death decisions about our society, our economy, our families, and our most essential freedoms.”

AFL is involved in a number of other cases which include a class-action suit against six Texas medical schools for allegedly using race and sex preferences for admission and a complaint with the IRS against UPenn because the university “failed to carry out its duties as the fiscal sponsor of the Penn Biden Center.”

Miller asks for support from other America-loving patriots. America First Legal is out there doing the heavy lifting in trying to maintain our constitutional republic. 

Check out the great work AFL is doing by visiting their website at https://aflegal.org/category/press/.

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