Massive Tax Refund Owed To Trump; Democrats Try To Block It

In a humorously ironic twist, the same cadre of people who demanded for years to see the tax returns of Donald Trump are now try to quash what is now owed to Trump from those taxes!

Earlier this week, it was reported by The Chicago Sun-Times that Donald Trump is owed 1 million dollars in the form of a tax refund on the back of a skyscraper project.

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As it reports, “The Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board has decided former President Donald Trump is due a $1 million refund on his skyscraper’s 2011 tax bill, ruling last month that the Cook County Board of Review overestimated the value of the building’s hotel rooms and retail space,”.

According to Conservative Brief, ” An Illinois tax agency ruled last month that Trump paid too much on his 2011 tax bill after the value of Trump International Hotel and Tower’s rooms and retail space was over-assessed by the Cook County Board of Review, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The ruling by the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board means Trump is owed $1.03 million, which would come from property taxes due to the city and other government agencies. Chicago Public Schools would lose out on about $540,000, according to the Sun-Times.

This development occurs mere days after the Democrat-led Justice Department “sufficient reasons” to demand the IRS to surrender Trump’s tax returns to Congress. The political backfire is indeed palpable and the humor of it will be immediately evident.

In a clumsy defensive maneuver, Cook County representatives have attempted to block the refund from going through and have filed a lawsuit with the Illinois appellate board in order to block it.

The scent that the Democrats are leaving on this entire affair reeks of cognitive dissonance and they seem determined to sustain a respectable amount of hypocrisy throughout.

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