Massive News:  “Never Leave A Marine Behind. Never” Elon Musk Attacks Joe Biden For His Brittney Griner Prisoner Swap

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Nothing about this prisoner swap sits well with America. Nothing.

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Recently, a WNBA player, Brittney Griner, was released from a Russian prison and returned home to family. At first it sounds like a heart-warming story. That is, until we learn that Griner was traded for a notorious Russian arms dealer.

His name is Viktor Bout, and he’s been in the America prison system for decades- where he belongs.

But now, as Russia continues its despicable war against Ukraine, they got back another key player in their bullish regime. Someone of Bout’s caliber will no doubt prove valuable in Russia’s efforts to wipe Ukraine off the map.

And Joe Biden handed the man over to Russia on a silver plate.

Griner, a failed WNBA player, drug addict, and darling for the LGBTQ community is just the type of hero the liberals are looing for, even if it means abandoning an American veteran in the Russian prison.

He’s a Marine and his name is Paul Whelan. He’s been locked up for far too long as Russia holds under spy charges.

Weird how our enemies seem to get away with arresting any American they want by slipping accusing them of spying. It’s almost as heinous as Biden’s prisoner swap deals.

As Elon Musk did when he released the Twitter suppression files part one, he took questions from anyone. The topics ranged from an electric car manufacturer he thinks will not make it, to Hillary Clinton’s lawyers to president Joe Biden swapping WNBA star for Brittney Griner only and leaving Maribe Paul Wghelen behind.

Musk scolded Biden for that move saying:

“Never leave a marine behind. Never.”

Boom! Take that Joe Biden. Marines know that. America knows that. So should you.

Shame on you Mr. President!

Cherelle Griner said:

“Over the last nine months, you all have been so privy to one of the darkest moments of my life.

“Today, I’m just standing here overwhelmed with emotions, but the most important emotion that I have right now is just sincere gratitude for President Biden and his entire administration.

“Today my family is whole, but as you all are aware, there’s so many other families who are not whole.

“Brittney and I will remain committed to the work of getting every American home, including Paul Whelan, whose family is in our thoughts today.

“We do understand that there are still people out here who are enduring what I endured the last nine months of missing, tremendously their loved ones.”

And that nonsense right there is exactly why Joe Biden made this despicable trade deal. This little publicity stunt is all he wanted.

Steve Zissou, Viktor Bout’s lawyer in the US, said:

“As I have urged for some time, given the fifteen long years that Viktor Bout has been in custody since the United States government targeted him in 2006, his exchange for Brittney Griner, who has only been in custody for a few months, is fair.

“Viktor Bout has been reunited with his family, just as Brittney Griner is with hers.

“The people of Russia never gave up on him during the fifteen years of his wrongful incarceration, just as the people of the United States never gave up on Ms. Griner.

“Hopefully, this is just the first of many reasonable agreements between the U.S. and Russia that will lead to better relations and a safer world,” he said.

I don’t know about you, but having an arms dealer back in Russia makes me feel much safer. I mean it’s not like Russia’s in the middle of a war and could use someone of Bout’s caliber to smuggle weapons into hard-to-get places.

Russia’s mocking America for this trade. Biden is a fool and they know it.

Leaving our troops behind, in any situation, is not the American way. It’s disgraceful.

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