Massive Loss For Lori Lightfoot As Democrat Rep Challenger Makes A Shocking Announcement About Challenging The Chicago Mayor In The Primary

Chicago Tribune

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The hits just seem to keep coming for the embattled mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot. It has just come to light that a Democratic representative from Chicago, Jesus Garcia, who was just re-elected put Mayor Lori Lightfoot on notice and said he will primary the failing mayor. Garcia said. This seems to be just the latest in a long line of mishaps for Lightfoot that begin, one supposes, with the insane amount of gun related deaths in Chicago despite Chicago having some of the country’s strictest gun laws. One might think it ends somewhere around the vast number of business that are leaving Chicago due to its high tax rates and ridiculous amount of crime.

In fact, it has just been reported by Slay News that:

Democrat Rep. Jesús “Chuy” García (D-IL) has dropped the hammer on Lori Lightfoot by announcing that he is launching a primary challenge against the embattled Chicago mayor.

García has just won reelection to represent Illinois’s 4th district, which includes part of Cook County.

After winning his congressional race, Garcia announced he plans to challenge Lightfoot in the mayoral election.

“It is quite evident that the winds of change are blowing across the city of Chicago this morning,” García said.

“When I walk down 26th Street, I see the hustle and bustle.

“I feel at home. I feel proud.

Slay News went on to report that:

“But Chicago is at a crossroads,” the congressman warned.

“It’s not like that for everyone.

“Chicago needs a leader with a vision of our future and the know-how and the empathy to get us there together.

“From crime to unemployment to the shortage of affordable housing, there is so much we need to build,” García asserted.

It was further reported by Block Club Chicago that:

As we emerge from a global pandemic and a racial reckoning that exposed the painful history of inequity in our city. People are still living paycheck-to-paycheck, and folks are still in fear of losing their homes, their livelihoods and, yes, their loved ones.”

García said he’ll ensure development is equitably spread across the neighborhoods, will work to attract businesses and will keep manufacturing in the city.

“We should be able to look across our skyline and see cranes and new growth as well as equitable development in our neighborhoods, bringing new, good-paying union jobs, new retail and new vitality to our city,” García said. “I want to see our city grow and thrive. And I want to see our children and grandchildren raise families right here in Chicago, to be able to dream of starting a small business or buying their first home.”

But that also means the city must tackle its problems with violence, García said. He promised to invest in community-building efforts, work to rebuild trust between communities and police, provide mental health services to residents and officers and promote diversity in hiring in the Police Department.

García said he’d also push for accountability and transparency for officers who “don’t protect and serve.”

García said he’d also ensure Chicago “leads the way” to fight climate change and promotes equitable growth — while working to ensure neighborhoods with large Black and Brown communities don’t become “dumping grounds for polluters.” Chicago should have “new, well-kept green spaces and parks,” as well as clean air and water for all children, he said.

And gentrification that pushes out longtime neighbors should not become an inevitable part of development in the city, García said.

“Together, let’s get Chicago back on track,” García said. “Together, let’s build a Chicago for all.”

It has definitely been a rough couple of months for Lori Lightfoot. In fact, The Raging Patriot reported just a couple of months ago that a number of large companies are leaving Chicago, owing both to the crime rate and, indeed, the tax rate.

It is now being reported by Fox Business that: Tyson Foods Inc. became the latest large company to announce its departure from Chicago, continuing a trend in the city that many have argued is the result of the city’s skyrocketing rates of crime and threatens to do harm to its most vulnerable populations.

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