MASSIVE LOSS FOR DEMOCRATS: As A State Senator Is Expelled In The Midst Of Fraud Charges

Andrea Morales for MLK50 

It was recently reported by ConservativeBrief that Democrat State Sen. Katrina Robinson was given the boot from the Tennessee Senate on fraud charges after she complained that the allegations against her were based on racism.

The vote on Wednesday was 27 – 5, along party lines, WHBQTV reported.

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A Senate Ethics Committee recommended the expulsion after determining Robinson violated the Senate’s code of ethics.

During the meeting, Robinson spoke about other members of the State Senate who have been in situations that had them accused of various crimes and circumstances.

Robinson’s lawyers pleaded her case to the Senate advising her fate in court has not been finalized and she is prepared to resign from the Senate if the outcome is not favorable to her.

The lawyers asked the Senate to let the process complete before making their final decision.

Democrat Sen. Sara Kyle asked the Senate to wait until Robinson’s court hearing on March 3 and Democrat Sen. Raumesh Akbari argued that her court hearing was not final and that the vote should be delayed.

Robinson played the race card and called the vote a “procedural lynching” but that did not stop the Senate from voting.

But Robinson was convicted of federal fraud charges and is waiting sentencing.

In July 2020, Robinson was charged with stealing more than $600,000 in federal funds received by a health care school she directed and using the money to pay for her wedding and other personal expenses.

The school which Robinson directed, The Healthcare Institute, received more than $2.2 million in federal grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

She was accused of misusing federal grant money over four years, using the money to pay for her wedding and other personal expenses.

She was acquitted of 15 of the 20 charges against her, but a jury did convict her of four of five counts of wire fraud, but a judge later dismissed two of the convictions.

Robinson used many popular Democrat keywords in her press release, referring to the vote she said it was “one of the most discriminatory, misogynistic, racist, and partisan hearings against a prominent state Senator in Tennessee.”

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  1. Great job reporting on corruption on tenn. Democrat senator.
    Got a favor to ask let’s end mask mandates physically spread the word
    Nationwide let’s mail our masks to the the White House as a peaceful protest no more mask mandates biden. What do you think ?

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