Massive Loss For Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot As The City Witnessed Huge Spike In Crime Over New Year’s Weekend

Credits: AP Photo, Erin Hooley

According to a report revealed by the Chicago police department, on this New year’s weekend, not less than 30 Americans were shot, and 8 of them got lethally injured in the shootings that took place all over Chicago. 

It seems to be very troubling news for Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot as the Chicago mayoral election is getting close, scheduled on February 28, 2023.

On the southern side of Chicago, a nine year old boy, was reported dead as he got shot inside his own home.

As reported, another tragic incident occured on the western side of Chicago, in the Austin area: a pedestrian got shot on a sidewalk. The 52 years old man was located in the 5000 block of West Superior Avenue when a car with armed anonymous people drove up and started shooting.

The Chicago police stated that the man got shot in the chest and the head. Police officials also reported that this assassination was already the 4th one of this new year 2023 in Chicago. 

Chicago Police officials also added another report: on Sunday afternoon at the southern side of Chicago, three more were injured and a teenager was shot dead.

The Chicago Police Department found a silver Kia having four passengers inside with bullet shot injuries. Spectators added that another vehicle with armed passengers pulled up with the Kia and started firing numerous rounds at Kia passengers. Kia cars often get stolen and are mainly used for several crimes.

The driver lost his life to the gunshots and the passengers were taken to a hospital near the place of incident. 

Police later revealed that the victim’s Kia was reported stolen on 30th December last year. Numerous weapons and shell casings were also retrieved from the spot.

Last week on Sunday morning, another citizen of Chicago was injured and another one was killed by gunshots. Both of them were targeted in a bus at nearly 1:30 am, late at night. One of them had several bullet injuries and expired.

The 2nd victim got shot in his left calf and was declared to be out of danger by the doctors. 

Additionally, two people reported were reported shot at a Hookah Lounge in Ukrainian Village early Sunday morning, one being a case of brutality.

The suspect involved in the shooting tried to enter the bar forcefully, making his way by firing rounds of ammunition. The victims backfired as the armed suspect escaped.  

“Crime is a complicated issue and it requires a comprehensive, multi-tiered strategy,” Lori Lightfoot stated.

Back in 2022, the Chicago Police confiscated more than 12,000 weapons from the streets of Chicago, according to the yearly review by the CPD.

The city of Chicago has been experiencing an increase in the crime rate for a long time which Mayor Lori Lightfoot has not done anything to tackle. Dozens of Americans are losing their lives, but seemingly, the Democratic lawmakers are not really concerned about it.

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