Massive Development On Arizona’s Souther Border: Republican Governor Doug Ducey Responds To Joe Biden’s Push To Remove State-Built Border Wall

Credits: Ross D. Franklin, Manuel Balce Ceneta

The GOP Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey will soon be halting the construction of a border wall that was getting erected using shipping containers. Ducey’s decision is the result of constant pressures and demands from the Biden administration.

Ducey undertook these serious border security procedures to tackle the massive influx of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

During this year Ducey had been working to fill the gaps in the border wall using shipping containers that were covered with barbed wires on the top. Ducey still went ahead with the plan despite receiving several warnings regarding the reconstruction of the border wall on federal land.

The Biden administration has sued Ducey because of this act and it seems like Ducey is being forced to oblige with the administration’s demands.

However, Ducey has also managed to get something in return from the Biden administration.

Fox News reported:
The GOP governor has agreed on a settlement with the Biden administration regarding the construction of the border wall on federal forest lands. According to the agreement, the Arizona State Government will be removing all of the shipping containers and relatable equipment in the Yuma Sector.

Before the settlement, Ducey stated that he would get rid of the containers after some time as for the moment these barriers are helping in providing a short-term fix for the illegal immigrants’ problem. Ducey further added that he is demanding the Biden administration to come up with a solid plan regarding the gaps in the border wall as it was announced by the current administration almost a year ago.

“For more than a year, the federal government has been touting their effort to resume construction of a permanent border barrier. Finally, after the situation on our border has turned into a full-blown crisis, they’ve decided to act. Better late than never,” Ducey spokesperson
CJ Karamargin told Fox News.

“We’re working with the federal government to ensure they can begin construction of this barrier with the urgency this problem demands,” Karamargin added.

It has also been noted that it cost more than $90 million to place 3,000 containers. The Biden administration has been heavily condemned for the chaotic situation at the border because the administration decided to remove Title 42, a Trump-era policy.

Recently the GOP Senator Lindsey Graham blasted the Biden administration for the way they are handling the southern border crisis.
Another GOP Senator Brian Kilmeade also criticized the Biden Administration in an interview with Fox News lambasted Joe Biden for not visiting the border and witnessing the situation firsthand.

“His policies are not working at the border, and Title 42 is about to expire. President Biden could reinstate Title 42 deportation authority with a stroke of a pen,” Graham said. “Every Democrat voted against extending Title 42 in the Senate; every Republican voted for it. When Title 42 goes away as a deportation tool, you are going to double the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country in about a week.

“We are going to have 100,000 illegals coming across the border a week, in about a week, and he has done nothing to fix the problem; he has never been to the border. It is so unconscionable for him not to go to the border and listen to the agents and people trying to control the border, what life is like along our southern border,” Graham added.

“The fact that he doesn’t go shows to me he’s disconnected and he doesn’t give a damn. If he really gave a damn about what’s going on at the border — yeah, he doesn’t have to drop f-bombs at the White House,” he said, referring to a book that claims Biden was cursing at the White House over illegal immigration in the early stages of his administration.

“Get your ass out of the White House and go to the border! Get your ass out of the White House and go to the border,” Graham snapped.

The situation at the border is getting worse with every passing day. However, on top of that, instead of tackling the issue the current administration is seeking to remove Title 42. This will only make the situation more unpleasant and hard to deal with.

Moreover, if any state tries to tackle this adverse situation, the current administration sends them a legal notice, just like in the case of Arizona. It seems like the Biden administration has no intention of fixing the border problem, nor is it allowing any state to do so.

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