Majority Of The Americans From Nation’s Capital Gave Biden “Lower Than F” Grade Over His Performance And False Promises

Credits: Mario Tama

Americans, from the country’s capital, categorized President Joe Biden’s efforts as the recent poll conducted in March last month displayed another decline in the president’s approval ratings.

Brandy, from Ohio, informed Fox News:

“If there was one lower than F, we’d aim for that. I think we’re being mismanaged to a severe degree.”

She added: 

“He represents himself as a puppet. Knowing that other countries are seeing that that’s whose been elected to represent us to the world is disheartening because it’s making us look weak.”

However, an individual from Delaware expressed his love for President Joe Biden by giving him an A. 

He stated:

“He inherited a terrible situation. He’s weaved through it quite well.”

According to a report from a March 23 Associated Press/NORC Center survey of over 1,000 adults, Biden’s approval rating declined from 45% down to 38%. 

If compared, his approval sank to 36% in July following the hike in inflation which hit a 40-year high.

Kevin, from Ohio, stated that he would give Biden an F over his performance. 

Kevin stated: 

“As a country, we’re just getting farther in debt, and he’s just not helping out the situation.” 

Though an individual from Washington D.C. gave Biden a B Minus on his overall performance. 

She stated: 

“I think economically he has worked hard to limit the inflation. Also, I think you can start to see the impact of the construction work and infrastructure investments.”

Another individual from Tennessee gave Biden an F and stated: 

“Everything he touches goes wrong,” 

Native from Alabama, Emily, gave Biden a D-plus grade and told Fox News: 

“I just feel like a lot of the promises he’s made, he hasn’t fulfilled.” 

She stated that during the 2020 campaign, Biden vowed to merge America, and was fake when he represented himself as a sensible nominee. 

She stated:

“The country is still so divided.”

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