Major Win For College Football As Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Overrules Woke NCAA “We’ll make sure fans are able to tailgate, even if it’s at the state Capitol”

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Keep your grubby mitts out of our games, liberals!

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You’ve already ruined social media, universities, and the FBI. But when you come after college football apparently we’re going to stop you there.

The College Football National Championship game is being held at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles this year, and will host the Georgia University Bulldogs and the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs. This game will be sure to bring out millions of viewers, rivaling that of the World Cup and the Super Bowl.

No one is sure why California hates all things American, and why they’re preventing one of football’s most cherished traditions- the tailgate party. But that’s just the California way these days; if it’s family friendly, safe, and beloved by the general public, then the deep blue state will find a way to shut it down.

Brain Kemp, Georgia Governor is of a different mindset. In 2025, the CFP game will be held at his state’s capitol, Atlanta, in the Mercedes-Benz stadium.

Kemp said: “While California may not know this, in the South a tailgate with friends & family is the only way to prepare for a big game. When Georgia hosts the 2025 #NationalChampionship, we’ll make sure fans are able to tailgate! Even if it’s at the state Capitol!!”

Three cheers for Governor Kemp! It’s always a pleasure when conservatives show liberals how to act as a true patriot.

On a more serious note, even though it’s just a game, even though it may not have a big impact on the overall liberal agenda, it’s still important for us to recognize these small victories.

Conservatives are at a rallying point. We’ve been making victories across the nation, including taking back the House. We have reasons to celebrate.

The Executive Director of CFP, Bill Hancock, said this about selecting Atlanta as the venue for the championship game:

“We are excited to return the College Football Playoff National Championship to Atlanta.

“When the playoff was created, the goal was to move the national championship game to ten different communities in the first ten years of the playoff. 

“After visiting ten different communities during our first ten years of existence, we accomplished our goal of sharing this celebration of college football with the entire country.

“Bringing the game back to Atlanta was a simple decision when we looked at everything. 

“One of our greatest title games took place in Atlanta in 2018, and the city could not have been a better host. 

“A state-of-the-art stadium, a walkable downtown with venues to host all the activities surrounding national championship weekend and great people made Atlanta an obvious choice to be the first city to host a second title game,” he said.

It’s not just the conservatives who will be excited to see the tailgate parties return. Fans love to be a part of the game and will be enthused at the opportunity. Small business owners and the overall economy will see a massive, albeit short-lived boom in business as the championship game will draw millions of visitors.

There’s no need to be shutting down a major tradition in one of America’s top sports, California. Stop ruining everything.

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