Major Development: Seattle Increases The Funding For Law Enforcement After As Crime Wreaks Havoc On Locals

Credits: Fox News, South Seattle Emerald

The residents of Seattle, Jonathan Choe, Victoria Beach, and Eli Hoshor have claimed that the lack of police has brought the city into a difficult situation because of the city officials’ anti-law enforcement approach. 

Homicide rates have increased by 24%, with a 30% increase in car thefts as well. The overall crime rate of the city climbed by 4%.

On Tuesday, Mayor Bruce Harrell demanded more police presence as he stated:

“We need immediate action and innovation to respond to our public safety issues… Seattle saw a 4% rise in reported crime last year… We need more officers to address our staffing crisis.”

However many residents are still skeptical as Seattle’s resident Victoria Beach informed Todd Piro on Wednesday’s episode of Fox & Friends First:

“Right now, I don’t have a lot of hope.” 

She added:

“I think the mayor is on the right track, but Seattle is in a huge crisis. Our city has been destroyed, and we’re not going to get it back anytime soon.”

Beach also accepted that Seattle needs more cops on the streets to curb the rising crime rate as she believes currently the situation is “free for all.”

She stated:

“If you want to commit a crime, move to Seattle.”

Piro also disclosed data from the city’s budget office, highlighting that this was the first increase in the funding for law enforcements by Seattle since 2020.

Another doubtful resident, Hoshor stated:

“The crime is just getting worse and worse. There’s a homeless encampment that’s right next to my son’s school that’s been there for over a year, and it’s doubled and tripled in size. It’s ridiculous that that’s even possible.”

Another resident who is also a reporter, Choe, blasted the “Defund the Police” movement and the “woke” activists for being the reason behind this increase in the crime rate. 

He told Piro:

“[It’s] a failed social experiment. They’re still standing by this and doubling down on it…”

He added:

“The mayor laid out the vision and the hope for what he wants going forward, but he’s very sparse on details and an exact plan to execute this and what that would actually look like.”

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