Ron Desantis is calling for Florida legislators to ban the CCP from buying American Farmland.

Major Development: Ron Desantis Admin calling on Florida legislators to ban the CCP from buying American Farmland

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Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said last night that he is calling on Florida legislators to ban the CCP from buying farmland in America, in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

In this interview with Tucker, Ron DeSantis said he will push to have the CCP banned from purchasing farmland in America, especially near military bases.

He would go on to mention how the CCP is a threat to Americans and they aren’t someone we should be cutting deals with. Also going on to blame the Biden Admin and members of congress who have ties to the CCP.

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Ron Desantis would go on to say he will be meeting with Florida lawmakers in order to make this happen.

He would also mention the massive influence the communist party of China has on America and its citizens.

Marco Rubio one of two senators from the great state of Florida, who has been hard on the CCP in the past would agree with Desantis on this position.

Ron Desantis who made news for his harsh on position on vaccine mandates and mask mandates has made it clear he wants China to have no intervention in Florida.

Jim Jordan a Republican congressman from Ohio brought up a great point tailing on what DeSantis said about the CCP’s interaction with Americans.

Stating “we know the impact that the CCP has on Tiktok, apple and even the NBA this is a serious issue” said Jordan.

source: Fox News

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