Major Development: Republican Rep. Jim Jordan Claims That There Is A “Central Theme” To His Investigation Into The FBI And DOJ

Credits: CNN

On Saturday, Republican Rep. from Ohio, Jim Jordan, claimed that there is a “central theme” around his House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the Department of Justice and the FBI.

According to a Fox News report, Jordan stated:

“With all these things that we start to investigate, it seems to me that the central theme is — the only thing we get wrong is — it’s always worse than we thought.”

While talking with Fox News Digital in an interview, Jordan revealed that the House Judiciary Committee along with his Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government, are currently undertaking several investigations.  

Jordan stated:

“We thought the government was pressuring Big Tech to do certain things on the Hunter Biden story, and then, the Twitter files come out, and we’re like, ‘Oh, it’s worse than we thought.’”

His committee is probing the alleged collaboration between Big Tech and the FBI.

His investigation is looking to discover the extent of the coordination between these entities to cover up Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and his infamous laptop during the 2020 presidential election.

While quoting FBI Director Christopher Wray’s statement and the Energy Department’s findings, Jordan stated:

“We thought that it was likely that COVID came from a lab and turns out, yep, it was.”

He added:

“The whole Trump-Russia thing, we find out they knew the dossier was false but used it. There are just examples after examples where it is actually worse than we initially assumed upon opening investigations.”

He continued:

“You look at all of these things, and different agencies targeting the American people who they are supposed to serve — whether it is the CDC or the DOJ and FBI and social media companies taking down things and limiting speech. And Democrats always seem to just move on.”

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