Major Development: Putin Experts Claim That Biden’s Secret Visit To Ukraine Will Not Have “Any Impact” On The Russia-Ukraine War

Credit: NBC News

President Joe Biden made an appearance, on President’s Day…in Ukraine. Not America, Ukraine.

This surprise trip, however, is not expected to have any impact on the Russia-Ukraine war, according to Putin experts. They believe Putin will keep up military pressure in hopes of forcing Ukraine to negotiate for peace.

Biden arrived in Ukraine on Monday to unveil that America was giving even more assistance to Ukraine. This marked Biden’s first visit since Putin invaded the country almost one year ago.

Fox News reported:

Rebekah Koffler, president of Doctrine & Strategy Consulting, former DIA intelligence officer, and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” spoke to Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview to discuss what impact the trip may have on the ongoing conflict.

“Zero. The visit itself is kind of a feel-good strategy by Biden. It doesn’t do anything to Putin. He’s just marching forward with his agenda, with his objectives. And the visit itself, it really doesn’t do anything,” Koffler said.

Koffler said Putin will most likely assume that Biden will use his visit to urge Zelenskyy to negotiate with Russia.

“Putin’s current assessment … is that the purpose of Biden’s visit is to put pressure on Zelenskyy to negotiate for a settlement with Russia,” she said. “He knows there’s Ukraine fatigue in the West, he knows the U.S. and Europe are depleting our weapons stockpile as a result of massive outflows of high-tech military hardware to Ukraine, and he knows we are concerned about the China threat.”

She said that Russia will most likely keep military pressure on Ukraine.

“So, Putin’s intelligence services are now trying to confirm that their assessment is correct. The ongoing [offensive] will ratchet up tomorrow, coinciding with Putin’s speech or even in the early hours,” she stated. She added that while Biden is in Ukraine, Russia will “ensure there’s no accident that would make the conflict spiral out of control.”

The Biden administration has spent almost $113 billion on military and civilian aid to Ukraine since the war began. On Monday, he announced that America would be giving an additional $500 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine.

The new assistance provided will include shells for how timers, anti-tank missiles, air surveillance radars, and more.

Koffler said that the Biden administration failed to prepare for the conflict and that they still lack a strategy.

“What Biden says is just all the happy talk. It’s because he absolutely failed. He and his security team have failed to anticipate and prepare for this conflict,” Koffler continued. “They’re just schizophrenically throwing weaponry to Ukraine, sucking the American taxpayer dry. And as far as Zelenskyy, is it going to help them? Well, that’s another thing. You know, talks and weaponry don’t win wars. Strategy does.”

The consistent aid given to Ukraine has received much opposition. Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that Ukraine shouldn’t just be receiving a “blank check.”

“It feels sometimes to me like we’re just shoveling money over there without any clear plan for what it’s meant to accomplish,” Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, recently told Fox News.

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