Major Development: John Durham Sends Powerful Message To Joe Biden And AG Merrick Garland In Recent Court Filing


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Who remembers the Durham Investigation? 

John Durham, special counsel for the Justice Department, is working on the investigation into what happened when the Clinton campaign spied on Trump and then tried to label Trump an illegitimate president because he colluded with Russia. 

Americans have largely forgotten about it mainly because the two related cases that went to trial each ended in acquittals. 

Apparently lying to the FBI is fine if you’re on the right side. 

A former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI and former principal deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center has brought new life to the investigation by writing an op-ed, published by The Hill.

Kevin R. Brock, now a security consultant, started his piece by noting that Americans didn’t hear much from the investigation for a year and a half after Durham’s appointment in the latter part of President Trump’s term. 

Very few Trump supporters believed that anything would come of the investigation. It would be business as usual in Washington with the elites getting away with another unethical incident. 

Brock wrote, “that elites higher up the stack are going to get away with their chicanery.”

Brock continued, “The problem for Durham is that these perceptions were providing the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) with increasing political top cover to shut down the special prosecutor’s office as an unproductive, politics-driven exercise in futility that is wasting taxpayer dollars.”

“If Durham were to be terminated, the American people might not even push back much since no one had a clue whether his investigation was bearing meaningful fruit,” he wrote.

Brock opines that AG Merrick Garland has been trying to “repair the reputation” of Andrew McCabe, former FBI Deputy Director in an effort to “undercut Durham.” 

McCabe was fired by the Justice Department, while Trump was still in office, for misleading Justice Department members. 

Durham, instead of coming out and announcing how his investigation was proceeding and what they’ve found, used a court filing that “contained 

a number of bombshell revelations.”

Brock writes:

Tucked inside the court filing, John Durham laid out a good chunk of the case he’s building, and it was stunning. Durham revealed the outlines of a corrupt conspiracy by operatives linked to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The exposed conspiracy allegedly made a contrived, fraudulent, and shocking attempt to entice the FBI and CIA to use their powers against the rival Trump campaign and presidency.

This recent filing by Durham was designed to have two effects. First and most important, he has now made any decision by the president or attorney general to dump him much more difficult to undertake. The last time a president fired a special prosecutor who was making significant progress, he lost his presidency.

Brock reminds Americans to not get distracted by the reactions coming from the Left and Right. He said to look at what Durham has laid out and the words he used. He called Durham’s words “troubling enough.” 

Will justice be served? We shall see. 

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