Major Development: Joe Biden In Massive Trouble As Second Batch of Classified Documents Discovered At New Location

Credits: AP Photo, Reuters

An anonymous personality, associated with the matter revealed that President Joe Biden’s aides found another collection of confidential records. This time the location was not his Washington think tank office that was under his use after leaving former president Barrack Obama and his administration.

The source also revealed that after November last year, following the retrieval of records labeled as classified from his previous office, Biden’s aides continued their search for more secret documents from other locations under Biden’s custody.

The source leaked all this information regarding the confidential documents on the terms of being anonymous. 

The White House did not respond to the call for remarks. The Justice Department had no remarks as well.

The first discovery of the confidential documents was recorded on Monday this week by CBS News. The documents were found in a personal office used by President Biden after his vice presidency. 

The number of documents found in the second batch, the accurate location, and the level of confidentiality have not been clear yet.

Moreover, it is also unknown when was the second batch found and if more documents were being searched that Biden might have since the completion of the Obama era.

The anonymous source also stated that the Biden aides have been sifting through various records kept at different locations apart from his last Washington think tank office just to confirm the presence of more secret documents that needed to be examined by the Justice Department and handed over to the National Archives. 

The search was reported as very intensive, with the intent to retrieve all the hidden documents that might have been winded up in boxes, intentionally or unintentionally, when Biden cleared up the Vice President’s office back in January 2017.

GOP Sen. from Missouri, Josh Hawley, responded on a social media platform following the NBC news reporting the discovery of the second batch, tweeting the words “Special Council”

Earlier this week on Monday, The White House confirmed a “small number of documents” labeled as confidential that seemed to be from Obama’s administration was discovered at a Washington think tank entrusted to Biden.

Special Counsel to President Biden, Richard Sauber, stated on Monday that the records were found in a secured closet by Biden legal team as they prepared to clear the office space at the Penn Biden Center for Global Engagement and Diplomacy.

In February 2018, the University of Pennsylvania rented out offices for the center. They also leased one for Biden’s personal use while he was in Washington.

While talking with the reporters on Tuesday, Biden claimed that he was “surprised” by the disclosure of the confidential documents. He also added that he had no idea what was in the discovered documents. 

Three congressional staffers stated that the chair and vice chair of the Senate intelligence committee sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, requesting access to the discovered documents, an assessment by the intelligence committee, and an explanation on both Trump and Biden records.

The staffers added that this appeal for access to the documents is related to how the committee appealed for the confidential data found following the search at Trump’s resort, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida.

Sauber stated that Biden’s legal team instantly contacted National Archives concerning the discovery and the agency took charge of the retrieved records the next day.

A pair of anonymous individuals associated with this matter stated that less than 12 legal documents, labeled as classified, were extracted from the office. 

The Archives brought up the matter to the justice department.

Earlier this week on Monday, the anonymous person informed NBC News that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has requested John R. Lausch, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, to examine how the secret records got locked up in the closet.

“We’re cooperating fully,” Biden stated on Tuesday.

More than a hundred confidential documents are still under Trump’s custody even though he has been subpoenaed for their restoration is the main matter of a federal criminal investigation by the Justice department 

Bradley Moss, a lawyer specialized in national security issues and a persistent Trump doubter, tweeted: “Nothing I have seen has changed my mind yet that Biden and his team, for now at least, are not at risk of criminal exposure. Nor do I have any reason to believe this changes the calculus of an indictment of Trump. That said, this sloppiness by Biden’s staff angers me.”

Trump has criticized Biden several times on his Truth Social account concerning the discovery of the two batches of confidential documents.

He also stated that he had been biasedly targeted because of a witch-hunt by the federal investigators, as there is a prominent difference between the data recovered from him and Biden. He also added that it is “a giant Scam”.

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