Major Development: It’s Been Revealed Arizona Still Has Nearly 5K Ballots Not Counted As Republicans Begin New Legal Action

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Arizona Republican candidates Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake have just launched new legal battles to contest the November election.

Arizona’s largest county gave a detailed explanation on why it didn’t count more than 4,800 ballots cast two months ago.

Hamadeh, who is the GOP’s attorney general nominee, filed a motion on Tuesday for a new trial after a Mohave County Superior Court judge dismissed his and the Republican National Committee’s election challenge just before Christmas.

“Today, I am filing a ‘Motion for New Trial’ after the shocking revelations from the recount,” Hamadeh tweeted Tuesday.

“It’s simple, if the judge allows us to inspect and count the ballots – we win. Kris Mayes will either resign or be removed from office. Count the votes accurately.”

Hamadeh is raising concerns about the more than 4,000 provision ballots that were not counted in Maricopa county, the state’s largest county.

“There are thousands of uncounted provisionals ballots. Thousands of voters were disenfranchised. Election Day in Maricopa County was a disaster. Election officials failed democracy,” he said.

Maricopa County told Just The News that the final total of rejected ballots was 4,849.

“Only eligible, registered voters are allowed to vote in Arizona. After researching each provisional voter’s eligibility in the 2022 General Election, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office confirmed eligibility for 2,954 voters and those ballots were counted,” the county said in a statement.

They added that provisional ballots were not counted for one of five different reasons:

  1. The voter was not registered to vote (2,556)
  2. The voter registered after the deadline provided for in law (1,942)
  3. The voter didn’t provide enough information to validate eligibility (57)
  4. The voter’s early ballot was counted, so the provisional ballot was not counted (65)
  5. The voter didn’t provide sufficient ID by the deadline provided for in law (229)

In another lawsuit concerning the Arizona election, GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake has requested that the appeal of her lawsuit bypass the Arizona Court of Appeals and go straight to the Arizona Supreme Court.

“[T]his case is going to eventually make it to the Arizona Supreme Court, no matter what,” Lake told “Just the News, No Noise” TV show Tuesday. “So there’s really nothing to be gained by waiting on taking this to the Supreme Court. They should just, we believe, grant us that request.”

She added, “The governor is not duly elected right now. Right now, Hobbs has not been duly elected. And this must be resolved as quickly as possible. So we’re asking them for to allow the skipping over the appellate portion of the court system and go directly to them. And we have very strong arguments. We will win on the merits, we will win on the evidence when they take a look at it.”

She also explained that she filed her brief with the Court of Appeals on New Year’s Eve and that oral arguments have been scheduled for January 24.

She mentioned that there’s no reason to put this on the appeals court when this will most likely end up in the Arizona Supreme Court.

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