Major Development: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene States That Numerous GOP Lawmakers Shifted Towards Further Right

Credits: iStock, C.B. Schmelter

Republican Rep. from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene has recently made a remarkable revelation concerning the GOP, after the Republicans gained control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Taylor Greene has recently obtained a committee assignment, after nearly two years of dismissal by the hands of Democrats.

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The fierce GOP Rep explained that members of the Republican Party have shifted further towards the right-wing approach after the four devastating years of Democratic-controlled chamber.

She wrote on Twitter:

“I have a vision of a Republican Party that truly serves the American people and our many great needs.” 

She added:

“Our House GOP conference all suffered together so much in the past two years, and many House Republicans have changed and moved to the right, but the base doesn’t know yet. Here is an example: The Senate Republicans are another story & the 18 Senators that voted for the Democrats’ $1.7 trillion omnimonster are the Uniparty, 36% of Republican Senators. While only 4% of House Republicans voted for it, 2 of them are traitors (Cheney & Kinzinger).”

She continued:

“The base will no longer tolerate Uniparty Republicans, which are viewed as America Last, and I have been making that clear inside our conference while the base has been making it loud & clear on the outside. This must continue in order to keep our conference moving right. It should also be pointed out Republicans won the House majority, but not the Senate. That’s because many House Republicans fought Biden & the Democrat’s agenda while the McConnell Republican Senators helped pass Biden’s agenda. Voting records & election results are proof.”

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