Major Development: Ghislaine Maxwell Makes Shocking Revelation On What She Knows About Prince Andrew Meeting With Underage Girls

Rick Bajornas, AFP, Steve Parsons

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in prison, convicted of helping out her boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein by providing him with underaged girls. During her first-ever interview after her conviction, she disclosed bombshell details concerning the famous picture featuring Virginia Guiffre and Prince Andrew.

According to a clip of the interview, procured by the Daily Mail, Maxwell can be seen claiming that she has “no memory” and can’t recall if Guiffre and Prince Andrew ever had a meeting. She also emphasized that the picture featuring her, Guiffre, and the Prince is “fake”. 

“The infamous snap of the pair, which was reportedly taken in March 2001 at Maxwell’s apartment, was given by Ms. Guiffre to The Mail on Sunday in February 2011,” the outlet reported, adding:

Miss Guiffre asserted that she was just 17 years old when she was forcefully asked to sexually engage with Prince Andrew. She also added that she was trafficked by the late Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison back in 2019.

“I have no memory of the meeting. And I don’t think that picture is real,”  Maxwell stated in the interview aired on Jeremy Kyle’s TalkTV recently.

“It is a fake. I don’t believe it is real for a second, in fact, I am sure it is not. There has never been an original, there is no photograph,” she added. “There is no original of that photo, (just) copies of copies and parts of it, according to some experts, look like it has been photoshopped. I don’t remember her in my home.”

The outlet further added:

The interview came to light following the launch of a sensational bid by Prince Andrew in order to reverse the multi-million-pound settlement deal which he made with Miss Guiffre. The deal was made to make her withdraw her sexual abuse claims and make an apology.

Prince Andrew has taken measures following Miss Guiffre’s withdrawal of a lawsuit last year, which she filed against Epstein’s previous attorney Alan Dershowitz. Previously, she has also accused Dershowitz of sexual abuse. 

That being said, Maxwell has also stated that there could be a possibility of a meeting between Guiffre and Prince Andrew.

“It wasn’t something so outrageously out of the left field that it couldn’t have happened. But the photo doesn’t appear to be real. And I don’t recall it being taken. I have no memory of Virginia and Prince Andrew meeting,” she insisted.

In February last year, Andrew consented to pay Miss Guiffre a settlement amount and did not confess to anything. The Prince has been claiming that he is innocent. However, there have been repercussions concerning Prince Andrew, within the royal family, as he “was stripped of his military titles and asked not to use his HRH title,” The Mail also noted.

“Andrew felt as if he was in a pressure cooker, as if he was given no option but to settle,” a source told the outlet. “But he never wanted to settle and has always insisted he was innocent. He wants to see what legal routes might be available to him.”

Prince Andrew has also been questioning the validity of the photograph while stating that he has “no recollection” of a meeting with Miss Guiffre.

In October last year, Maxwell also disclosed the names of Epstein’s close friends which included the former U.S. President Bill Clinton. 

“It was a special friendship, which continued over the years,” she said.

“We had lots in common. I feel bad that he is another victim, only because of his association with Jeffrey. I understand that he, like others, can no longer consider me as a friend.”

“I said in open court in my statement that meeting Jeffrey Epstein was the greatest mistake of my life,” she said.

“And obviously, if I could go back today and I would avoid meeting him, and I would say that would be the greatest mistake I’ve ever made, and I would make different choices for where I would work. Obviously,” she said.

“I think there are many women who can identify with my story. Many have either fallen in love with or had relationships with men that in hindsight they look back on and say ‘What was I thinking?’ I imagine there’s not a woman on the planet who would not think that about one or other of their boyfriends,” the former socialite said.

“There were things to mention here about him that I cannot discuss because of the appeal, but I can’t say anything more than that,” she added.

According to several reports, the Prince had been trying to overturn the settlement deal which he made with Guiffre. The Prince has been denying all the allegations and he was asked by the royal family to settle the controversy. The retractment and the possible apology by Guiffre can help open the path for Prince Andrew to get back on his royal duties. 

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