Major Development: Florida’s ‘Reverse Woke Act’ Would Make It Mandatory For Businesses That Pay For Gender Transition Surgeries To Also Pay For De-Transition

Credits: Colin Hackley, Tallahassee.com

New legislation presented recently in Florida would force employers to not only provide allowances for gender transformation but also provide allowances for reverting gender transition services. 

The legislation, “Reverse Woke Act,” specifies that employers who offer allowances for gender transformations would also be liable to provide allowances to those who aim to revert the gender transitions, even if he or she is not an employee at the company anymore.

The bill states:

“An employer that covers the cost, directly or through benefits, of gender dysphoria treatment for employees must also cover the total costs associated with treatment that reverses the gender dysphoria treatment, regardless of the rate of coverage provided for the initial treatment.”

The act also states: 

“An employee who received gender dysphoria treatment through coverage provided by an employer is entitled to full coverage by that employer of the total costs associated with treatment that reverses gender dysphoria treatment if the employee later determines that the gender dysphoria treatment was not appropriate for him or her and wants to reverse the treatment, regardless of whether the person is currently employed by that same employer at the time of such determination.”

The measure adds: 

“An employer’s obligations under this section are not affected by whether the initial treatment is provided in this state, and an employer may not make coverage of subsequent treatment contingent on whether the employee receives such subsequent treatment in this state.”

If an employer covers gender transformation for an employee and later refuses to provide allowances for the reversal of gender transitions, then the employee has the right to file a civil action lawsuit against his employer to redeem the costs of the de-transformation process .

The legislation was brought forward by GOP Sen. Blaise Ingoglia.

He stated:

“Woke businesses need to be held accountable when offering to pay for gender affirming surgeries in other states, such as California because they are nothing more than political decisions masquerading as healthcare and human resource decisions,” Ingoglia noted in a press release, according to Florida’s Voice. “Floridians should not be used as political pawns to advance a leftist agenda for the Governor of California. If these companies truly cared about their employees, this should be a no-brainer for them.” 

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