Major Development: Convicted Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell Makes Stunning Comment of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Credit: Fox News

Epstein didn’t kill himself? Ghislaine Maxwell seems to agree with that statement. She was recently interviewed, from prision, by a British broadcaster.

In the interview, Maxwell alleges that Epstein was murdered in prison and that he did not commit suicide.

Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for her involvement in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Epstein was facing charges of trafficking underage girls for sex before he died in August 2019.

The official report concluded his death was a suicide, but that has been under intense speculation.

“I believe that he was murdered,” said Maxwell.

Then I wondered how it had happened because as far as I was concerned, he was going to … I was sure he was going to appeal.”

“And I was sure he was covered under the non-prosecution agreement. But I wasn’t in the indictment. I wasn’t mentioned. I wasn’t even one of the co-conspirators. I honestly wish I had never met him,” Maxwell added.

“Looking back now, I probably wish I had stayed in England. But leaving that aside, you know, I tried to leave and start another new job and move on from the end of ’98, ’99.”

In 2019, a forensic pathologist was hired by Epstein’s brother. The forensic pathologist suggested that Epstein has been murdered. He cited the multiple fractures found in his neck as being “very unusual for suicide.”

The US Department of Justice has not released any evidence of foul play after conducting a years-long investigation into his death and how he was able to hang himself at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Two prison guards admitted to falsifying records related to the night Epstein died. They were charged in 2019 for their alleged failure to monitor him. But, in 2021, federal prosecutors dismissed the charges after they both completed community service work as part of an agreement.

Maxwell also mentioned in the interview that she regretted ever meeting Epstein.

Maxwell also disputed the authenticity of the picture of Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers.

Credit: Fox News

Giuffre claims that she was sexually trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell to the prince. She filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the prince, claiming that they engaged in sexual activity when she was a minor.

Prince Andrew settled the lawsuit last year, trying to avoid a public trial. He has maintained his innocence and has not been criminally charged. The photograph that Maxwell claims is not real is said to have been taken in London in 2001. It is considered a piece of crucial evidence in the case against the prince.

Maxwell says she has no memory of introducing Giuffre to Prince Andrew.

The gag order against Giuffre, which was a stipulation in the multi-million dollar settlement paid by Prince Andrew, is set to expire next month.

Maxwell also told British broadcaster Jeremy Kyle, “I thought the queen was one of the most exceptional women I ever had the honor and privilege of meeting,” the New York Post reported.

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