Major Development: Angry Residents Of East Palestine Are Demanding Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Resignation

Credits: The Hill, AP, SUSAN WALSH

There’s a name we hoped to never see in the headlines again. You remember this guy, Pete Buttigieg, he’s the one-time mayor who rose to fame after he tried, and failed, to poke holes in Vice President Mike Pence’s career.

He used his homosexuality as a platform to boost his stats and quickly keyed in on the liberal buzzwords like racism and my truths. Remember when he called certain roads, tunnels, and bridges racist? Yeah, that was a thing. Don’t try to understand the mind of a liberal.

According to Fox News, two weeks after a Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, residents are still grappling with the health effects and economic consequences of the toxic train crash. 

While the Environmental Protection Agency has been on the ground, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is taking heat for downplaying the situation in Ohio.

Some residents are calling for him to get the pink slip for his response. 

“What a relief that we’re at the bottom of the list out of the thousands. I mean, how insignificant does that make you feel?” East Palestine resident Linda Murphy said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. 

“To me, it’s his job. And this is something that he should be here for. This is pretty significant. The amount of chemicals, cancer-causing chemicals that were released and what we’re left to deal with.

“We need a little bit of guidance here. And I don’t know, I think that this deserves a pink slip for his job.”

Buttigieg spoke publicly about the incident on Monday, 10 days after the incident occurred. Speaking to Yahoo! Finance Live, Buttigieg lessened the situation in Ohio as one of “roughly 1,000 cases a year of a train derailing.”

“Look, rail safety is something that has evolved a lot over the years, but there’s clearly more that needs to be done because while this horrible situation has gotten a particularly high amount of attention, there are roughly 1,000 cases a year of a train derailing,” he said.

Let’s give Buttigieg a break, 10 days clearly wasn’t enough time for him to find someone else to blame. Maybe he’s still looking for a way to call train derailments racist?

Fox News continued:

“Prior to speaking with Yahoo! Finance, Buttigieg had hardly engaged the situation in Ohio, downplaying and altogether ignoring the issue during several public appearances this week. 

During the National Association of Counties Conference on Monday, Buttigieg discussed topics like racial disparity, the largely Democrat-backed infrastructure bill and even touched on transportation safety, but failed to talk about the impacts that could possibly be felt by the East Palestine, Ohio, community for years to come due to toxic chemicals from the train.

After facing backlash, Buttigieg finally took to Twitter Monday evening to address the train derailment. 

Despite Transportation Secretary Buttigieg assuring residents through his Twitter thread that his department was helping in Ohio, East Palestine residents expressed their frustration at the lack of federal assistance in the aftermath of the crash. 

“We’re getting no answers. Nobody’s wanting to help us,” East Palestine resident Lisa Toner said. 

Buttigieg is the wrong place to look for answers.

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