Major Announcement: Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Calls For Jail Time For Anyone Involved In SCOTUS Leak

Former U.S. President Donald Trump addresses a member of the news media after attending a border security briefing with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to discuss security at the U.S. southern border with Mexico in Weslaco, Texas, U.S. June 30, 2021.

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It’s the right call. This was a crime and the punishment should fit the crime.

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It’s akin to mishandling classified documents. There’s no excuse for it.

President Trump blasted his social media platform, Truth Social, on Thursday in response to news that the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has been unable to identify who leaked the draft opinion on the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last year.

“The Supreme Court has just announced it is not able to find out, even with the help of our ‘crack’ FBI, who the leaker was on the R v Wade scandal,” he wrote. “They’ll never find out, & it’s important that they do.”

He’s right, of course. This was not some silly accident that can be ignored.

A serious infraction happened and we need to know who did it and why.

According to RSBN network, SCOTUS stated that the Marshal of the Supreme Court, appointed by Chief Justice Roberts, had conducted months of “diligent analysis of forensic evidence and interviews of almost 100 employees.”

However, the Marshal’s team was “unable to identify a person responsible by a preponderance of the evidence.”

President Trump’s comments on the situation was straightforward: “So, go to the reporter & ask him/her who it was. If not given the answer, put whoever in jail until the answer is given.

“You might add the publisher and editor to the list. Stop playing games, this leaking cannot be allowed to happen. It won’t take long before the name of this slime is revealed!”

In response to Trump’s comments, Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, remarked that the House of Representatives was “already moving toward an investigation.”

He noted that the leaker, if included in a lineup of those who would give testimony, would have to “choose between admitting guilt or committing perjury. If evidence later emerged, the prosecution for the false statements to Congress could produce serious jail time.”

RSBN added the following:

“Per the Marshal’s Report of Findings and Recommendations on Jan. 19, the investigation suggested that it was “unlikely that the Court’s information technology (IT) systems were improperly accessed by a person outside the Court.”

“The report further noted that in the course of their investigation, they conducted 126 interviews with 97 employees of the Court. And yet, they have been unable to determine how the draft opinion was leaked and by whom.”

Trump didn’t pull his punches, “Arrest the reporter, publisher, editor – you’ll get your answer fast. Stop playing games and wasting time!”

It really should be that simple. It’s legal and it’s the right thing to do in this matter. We simply can’t have anyone taking advantage of SCOTUS in any form.

If allowed to go unpunished, the matter could only get worse. More people could get more daring and try bolder moves in undermining the court’s future decisions.

It’s not just Trump who is searching for answers. All of America is and we deserve to know what happened.

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