LOL! Music Legend Kid Rock Delivers Knockout Blow To Bill Maher ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Watching This Whiny Little B*tch’

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When Bill Maher shares that Kid Rock reminds him of his dog Chico, you know you’re going to enjoy the interaction between the two of them. 

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Kid Rock was a guest on Maher’s “Club Random” podcast and nothing was off limits. 

They discussed everything from Maher’s love of Kid Rock’s song Low Life to the Let’s Go Brandon chant. 

Kid Rock brought up that we need to go back to being kind to each other and Maher expressed his admiration for how Kid Rock lives without apology. 

Speaking of which, Kid Rock is an unapologetic Trump supporter telling Maher, “I don’t like Donald Trump. I f*cking love Donald Trump.” 

Kid Rock admitted that he’s a big fan of Maher’s show but doesn’t always appreciate it when Maher criticizes the former president. 

And Maher said, “I will never understand why you like this whiny little bitch, you’re such a real man, and he’s such a little bitch.”

Not missing a beat, Kid Rock said, “When you’re blasting him, that’s what I say, ‘I can’t believe I’m watching this whiny little bitch.” 

The two had a good laugh over it! 

Kid Rock went on to describe Trump as “the greatest friend you can have, and he’s the guy you want in the front line if you have to fight.”

Rock discussed how he lost two “really close friends” over politics like a lot of others during the Trump era. Maher told him, “They weren’t friends.”

“Let’s just not instinctively hate somebody because of who they are and what team they’re on,” he added.

Maher said of Trump, “You can hate him but you can’t hate everybody who likes him.”

Maher surprised Rock with a revelation, “You probably think I am not the fan of your records that I am.”

 “That’s a bit of a surprise,” Rock said before bringing up the night the two of them spent out on the town.

Bill Maher asked, “Who’s we?” It seems that maybe he forgot the night to which Kid Rock is referring. 

Rock said, “Me and you, you f–king stoner.” 

The two celebrities obviously have a lot of political differences but can sit down and have a conversation, a night out on the town, and mutual admiration for each other. 

While it may seem that this is not all that common anymore, it probably is outside of the Twitter and other social media worlds. 

Rock also surprised listeners when he brought up wanting to have a beer with former President Obama. 

He said, “I want to hang out with Obama and drink beer. I mean there’s not a cooler — all the presidents that I’ve, you know, been able to meet, from Jimmy Carter up.” 

Though he didn’t vote for him and didn’t like a lot of his policies, he thinks he’d like to hang out with him over a beer. 

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