LAWSUIT: Representative Taylor Greene Announces Federal Lawsuit Against House Speaker Pelosi

In an act of litigation that has been a long time coming, House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, of whom “Raging Patriot” has previously reported on regarding her confrontation with California Governor, Gavin Newsom, is seeking to bring a lawsuit to Pelosi’s doorstep.

While,as this is a developing story and therefore it is not yet known what the lawsuit will entail, Taylor Greene did send a tweet out to cyberspace later yesterday evening, stating, “We’re announcing a federal lawsuit against @SpeakerPelosi, the Queen of the #HouseOfHypocrites. Proud to have @RepThomasMassie and @RepRalphNorman standing by my side. See you at 10:15 am.”

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Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie, in addition to standing with Greene and Norman at the forefront of the lawsuit, may have dropped a hint as to the particulars when he tweeted out this morning that, in response to Pelosi’s public comments that House members should return to face masking, that he “will fight this. She wants masks nationwide, she wants them on all of our school kids this fall. She knows if she can make it happen for the TV cameras in the House chamber, she can make it happen anywhere. Not happening Pelosi !”.

South Carolina Representative Ralph Norman, has been rather silent thus far on the whole affair, though he did tweet out the following, “If Pelosi really wanted answers, she wouldn’t have blocked @RepJimBanks and @Jim_Jordan from the Jan 6th Select Committee. Instead, Pelosi’s partisan circus kicks off today. What a joke,”.

While the nature of the lawsuit is slave to speculation at this point, Taylor Greene has proudly bedeviled Pelosi for some time. It was back in late May that Taylor Greene publicly called Pelosi “mentally ill“, while comparing Pelosi’s plan to “segregate” vaccinated or maskless House members to the Holocaust.

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