Latest Development: Two More Democratic Senior Presidential Staffers Left Biden As His Poll Numbers Keeps On Falling 

Credits: Remi Yamamoto/Linkedin, New York Times

Another pair of senior Democratic staffers left the Biden administration as they acknowledged that voters might be unsure about backing President Biden’s reelection because of his old age.  

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, the senior advisor to Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Remi Yamamoto, will also leave her position soon.

Yamamoto has been supporting Biden since his campaign had a low profile intentionally with Biden’s close-knit group of faithful advisors. 

Her departure notice came soon after the resignation of White House Communications Director, Kate Bedingfield. 

Trump once claimed that Bedingfield’s role in Biden’s “team of killers” is to spin appreciative news coverage for the administration. 

She has also previously catered her services during the 2020 elections as Biden’s deputy campaign manager. 

Following the announcement of Bedingfield’s resignation, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized Trump for mocking Bedingfield’s efforts on Biden’s account. 

Karine Jean-Pierre stated: 

“I understand that after a certain previous occupant of this White House, whose name will be nameless, but — as you know who this person is — he got angry and yelled and said, quote, ‘Biden has a team of killers. All I’ve got — all I’ve got is a defense. Okay, that was in the campaign. That was — the campaign communications team started calling Kate and the captain — the captain of the Team [of] Killers.”

Changing of senior presidential staff is common, however, the freshly noticed coming and going might also be clarified by Biden’s falling poll numbers out of the voters. 

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