Latest Development: Kari Lake Urges People For Strict Action Against Donald Trump’s Potential Arrest

Credits: Matt York

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump issued a statement in reply to the news media that disclosed Trump’s arrest next week.  

Trump responded that there are chances he might get “arrested” on Tuesday.

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In response to his news, the former GOP gubernatorial nominee from Arizona Kari Lake issued a statement. 

Lake said: 

“Prosecuting your political opponents is something you’d expect to see in third-world Banana Republics. But it’s coming to America, and that should scare the hell out of us. For nearly a decade, the radical left and their willing sycophants in the media have put President Donald J. Trump through absolute hell. Accusation after accusation, investigation after investigation. And they’ve come away with nothing. Now, in their desperation to derail his re-election, we see this ludicrous effort to jail him on the flimsiest campaign finance violations they can find.”

She added: 

“This political persecution fuels the EXACT same division the democrats claim that Trump incites. Donald Trump is truly a man of the people. From the moment he came down the escalator in 2015, he was We The People’s voice. And the corrupt political machine has been desperate to silence him ever since. These politically motivated attacks against the presumptive next President of the United States are political interference at a level this country has never seen before.”

The former Arizona gubernatorial candidate clarified: 

“But make no mistake, this isn’t about Donald Trump. This is about the America First movement. It’s about coming after We The People.” 

Lake added: 

“It’s about coming after the working-class Americans who simply want a president who will represent them. The radical left will stop at nothing to keep us from bringing common-sense solutions back to the people, from Making America Great Again.”

She stressed: 

“We cannot allow this political persecution to exist in our country. The President has called for peaceful protests. And I would remind his critics that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants us the right to peaceably assemble.”

She concluded: 

“We cannot allow ourselves to live in such fear of the left’s infiltration that we surrender our God-given rights without them even asking. This is the time to speak out. This is the time for the silent majority to roar. You have a voice. USE IT. And make it very clear that we stand with President Donald J. Trump, and all Americans who are under attack by the corrupt political machine.”

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