Latest Development: Chuck Schumer Has A Meltdown On The Floor Of The Senate Following Tucker Carlson’s Release Of January 6 Footage

Credits: GETTY

On Tuesday, the Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, showed his disappointment with a meltdown on the Senate floor after Tucker Carlson, the renowned Fox News host, shared never-before-seen footage of the events of January 6th in his primetime show.

Carlson was given access to over 41,000 hours of footage from January 6th by GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

During the Senate session this Tuesday, Schumer argued that Fox News must “order” its host Carlson to stop releasing the footage.

Schumer stated:

“Last night, millions of Americans tuned into one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television. With contempt for the facts, disregard of the risks, and knowing full well he was lying, lying to his audience, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a lengthy segment last night, arguing the January 6 Capital attack was not a violent insurrection.” 

He added:

“By diving deep into the waters of conspiracy, and cherry-picking from thousands of hours of security footage. Mr. Carlson told the bold faced lie that the Capitol attack, which we all saw with our own eyes, was somehow not an attack at all.” 

He continued:

“He tried to argue it was nothing more than a peaceful sightseeing tour. Can you imagine, a non violent demonstration, a perfectly fine and appropriate instance of people expressing their opinion. I, so many others who were here in the Capitol, and millions and millions of Americans are just furious. With Tucker Carlson and Kevin McCarthy today.”

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