Latest Development: Chief Of Capitol Police Issues Response After Tucker Carlson’s Release of January 6 Footage

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Why was it okay for the January 6 Committee to cherry-pick video to show to the American people, but not okay for Tucker Carlson of Fox News to do the same? 

Carlson attempted to show the other side of what happened on that horrible day. The videos previously shown to the world were selectively edited to give the wrong impression of certain aspects of the riot. 

One example that Carlson pointed out was the left’s portrayal of Josh Hawley running out of the Capitol as if he was the only one. It turns out that he was one of several senators being led out by a Capitol Police officer. 

No matter what your stance is on what happened that day, the citizens of this country should be able to see the totality of what occurred. 

The chief of the Capitol Police doesn’t see it that way. Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger responded to Carlson’s airing footage that had been hidden from the public in an internal memo to his agency. 

Manger said that the Monday episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was “filled with offensive and misleading conclusions” about the riot.

“One false allegation is that our officers helped the rioters and acted as ‘tour guides.’ This is outrageous and false. This Department stands by the officers in the video that were shown last night…Those officers did their best to use de-escalation tactics to try to talk rioters into getting each other to leave the building,” Manger wrote.

Not sure how he can have an opinion on what people conclude from viewing the video but it points to a much larger issue.

Americans should have been able to see the whole thing and draw their conclusions. As it is, one side doesn’t trust the media or the government, so nothing they present seems believable.

Now the pendulum is swinging the other way when it needs to be somewhere in the middle.

“The program conveniently cherry-picked from the calmer moments of our 41,000 hours of video,” Manger continued. “The commentary fails to provide context about the chaos and violence that happened before or during these less tense moments.”

Carlson highlighted another big lie told to the public. The media reported that Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered that day.

The video shows him walking around the Capitol alive and well and his death the next day was ruled death by natural causes.

Yet Manger maintains that had the officer not been assaulted on January 6, he would not have died the next day.

A group of people did violent things on January 6, but the manipulation from the media and the Jan 6 Committee pushes people to believe everything they are claiming is false.

“TV commentary will not record the truth for our history books. The justice system will. The truth and justice are on our side,” Manger concluded.

Manger ended his memo by thanking and praising the Capitol Police who were there that day. He wrote, “You fought like hell on January 6 and risked your lives to protect the Constitution and everything this country stands for. You, along with our law enforcement partners, saved every member of Congress and their staff.”

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  1. It sure doesn’t look like they were fighting anything on the tour. If that was de-escalation, then it sure looks different

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